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Snowed in on a ranch in North Dakota, Lacy can’t resist Drannon’s cowboy charm.

She is a good girl, a smart girl, a logical girl. Vacation romances were never on the agenda. But from the moment Lacy Denvers’ locked eyes with the sexy ranch owner, Drannon Russo all of her good intentions flew out the window.

Drannon has one focus, making Crawley Creek Ranch a success. People depend on him, lives are at stake. He’d buried his dreams of a family of his own, knowing he had to keep his head in the game. Then Lacy arrives at his ranch.

Lacy and Drannon are soon caught up in a whirlwind of passion that leave them both thunderstruck. Their flirtatious dalliance is only the beginning, as the magic between them is lifechanging. 

Will reality rear its ugly head when the snow melts, or will this city girl find her heart’s desire on North Dakota cattle Ranch?

30 March
Lori King Books
Loretta Akerstrom

Customer Reviews

arch_angel16 ,

A great new series!

The first book in Lori King’s new Crawley Creek series introduces readers to a unique set of brothers with dark and tortured pasts, but focuses on the eldest of the bunch and his instant attraction to disheartened young woman with a childhood yearning that was unfulfilled.

Drannon Russo has his demons, but the love for his foster brothers has never waned. A sexy Cowboy, a hard worker and loyal to a fault, Drannon is also human, and the loneliness of life on the land can sneak up on you when it’s least expected.

Lacy is suffering from yet another disappointment, but while awaiting news of a potential career, she’s determined to do what she’s always dreamed; learn to ride a horse. Lacy’s never come first in anyone’s life, so looking for romance is not on her radar. But a luscious Cowboy is making her rethink her well laid plans for the future and turning her whole world upside down.

While some might think the romance between this couple moved way to fast, the romantic in me truly believes in love at first sight and applauded their passion.

Blacksorrento ,

Heartfelt storyline

Main characters portrayed well, you meet other brothers who are going have their own story within this series. Most enjoyable, touching on lives that were given a helping hand by two loving people who couldn't have their own children but made their ranch a foster home, some children stayed on.........these are their stories.

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