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FORTNITE - Battle Royal - Professional Techniques Guide

Unofficial Guide 150 Pages


Pro Techniques Guide - Level 1 - Basic Techniques To Remember

Let’s Learn From Here First

Improve Accuracy To Make Shots Count

Weapon Characteristics Affect Accuracy

Know Your Weapon

Adjust Pc Settings & Mouse Sensitivity

High Vs Low Sensitivity

High Sensitivity

Low Sensitivity

Train Your Crosshair On Enemies


Predict Your Enemy’s Movements


Gunning For Headshots

Shoot At An Angle

High Ground Shooting

Low Ground Shooting

Close Combat

Peek & Shoot From The Right Hand Side

Why Peek & Shoot From The Right

Right Side Has Wider Field Of View

Scout Enemies Without Blowing Cover

Limited View On The Left Side

Easier To Expose Your Body To Enemy

Peek Shooting Tips & Techniques

Line Up Shots Before Popping Out

Crouch To Lessen Exposure

Crouching Makes You A Smaller Target

Enemies Expect To Aim At Head When Popping Out

Craft Building To Survive

How To Get Building Materials

Pickaxe (Harvesting Tool)

Hit The Circle For More Materials

Available Building Materials

Know What You Can Build

Wall - Use As Shield, Break Line Of Sight

Floor - Break Your Fall, Set A Trap Or Launcher

Stairs - Get To Hard-To-Reach Places

Roof - Create Your Own Cover

Edit - Make It Suit Your Needs

Save Fail Builds Using Edit

Practical Building Use

Using Stairs To Climb A Mountain

Use Floors To Bridge Mountains

Add Windows And Doors To Structures

Utilize And Build Roofs Over Structures

Building Tips

Builds Can Be Destroyed And Repaired

There Must Be An Anchor

Customize Keybinds For Faster Building

What Are Building Materials?

How Does Building Work?

Building With Wood


Use For Quick Cover

Wooden Palettes Are Great Source Of Wood

Gather Wood, But Don’t Knock Down Trees

Constructing With Stone

Stone Stats


Bring Down Walls

Protect Yourself With A Stone Fort

Working With Metal

Metal Stats


Use Metal Foundations

Metals Are Best For Long Battles

Edit A Window To Fire Back

Gather Metal From Cars

Glider Overview

Gliders Let You Land Safely

Umbrellas Are A Special Type Of Glider

Gliders Lock You Out Of Actions

Gliders Deploy Automatically At Times

When To Use The Glider

Sky Diving From The Battle Bus

Jumping On A Launch Pad

Jumping Through Rifts

Using The Rift-To-Go

Glider And Umbrella Tips

Tips To Land Faster

Aim Below You When Falling From The Bus

Land On Buildings, Roofs, Or High Ground

Do A Swaying Motion

Use Gliders Or Umbrellas To Avoid The Storm

Use Glider Or Umbrellas To Scout For Enemies

Create Distance Between Enemies

Pro Techniques Guide - Level 2 - Tips For Beginners

What Is Crouch Shooting?

When To Use Crouch Shooting

Pros Of Crouch Shooting

A Smaller Target Is Bad For Enemies

Crouch Peek Before Shooting

Ambush The Enemy

Cons Of Crouch Shooting

A Crouched Target Is A Slow Target

Tips For Crouch Shooting

Mix It Up!

Use It To Ambush Enemies

Pop In And Out Of Cover

Jump Shooting Is Used To Disorient The Enemy

When To Use Jump Shooting

The Pros Of Jump Shooting

Higher Chance Of Headshots

A Moving Target Is A Harder Target

Jumping Makes You Unpredictable!

The Cons Of Jump Shooting

Jump Spamming Has Penalties

Moving Around Has Accuracy Penalties

Jumping Rhythmically Is Predictable

Jump Shooting Tips

Mix It Up!

Shoot Downwards

Close Range Weapons Are Your Friends

Single-Row Stairs Can Be Risky

Single-Row Stairs Are Easily Collapsible

Reinforcing Your Structure May Help

But It Can Still Collapse

Construct Dual Stairs For Safety!

How To Build This Structure

Step 1:Construct Two Stairs Side-By-Side

Step 2: Run Up The Middle While Constructing

Step 3: Rinse & Repeat

The Strength Of The Dual Stairs Combo

Enemies Need More Time & Effort To Destroy This Structure

The Weakness Of The Dual Stairs Combo

Takes More Resources To Build

Reinforce Your Dual Stairs With Walls

How To Build This Structure

Step 1:Construct Two Stairs Side-By-Side

Step 2: Add Walls For Both Stairs

Step 3: Rinse & Repeat While Moving Up

The Strength Of The Dual Stairs Combo With Walls

Absorbs More Damage Before Collapsing

The Weakness Of The Dual Stairs Combo With Walls

This Structure Uses Up More Resources

Needs To Be Practiced First

Add Floors For Maximum Safety!

How To Build This Structure

Step 1: Start By Building Two Floors

Step 2: Move Up While Adding Stairs & Walls

Step 3:Rinse & Repeat

The Strengths Of The Dual Stairs Combo With Walls & Floors

Takes More Time To Destroy Than Dual Stairs With Walls

Floors Can Catch You If You Fall

The Weakness Of The Dual Stairs Combo With Walls & Floors

Uses The Most Materials & Time

Needs Lots Of Practice To Successfully Build

What’s The Use Of Editing Buildings

Edit Buildings For Your Convenience

Create Windows To Give You Vision

Create A Door For A Sneaky Exit

Scout Your Building’s Lower Floors

How To Edit Buildings

Stand Close To Structures To Open Your Edit Menu

Erase Mistakes By Resetting Your Edits

There Are Some Edits You Just Can’t Do

Editing Patterns - Walls

Editing Walls - Door



Editing Walls - Window



Editing Walls - Triangular Openings



Editing Walls - Partial Wall



Editing Walls - Two Windows



Editing Walls - Window & Door

Editing Walls - Arch

Editing Walls - Half Arch

Editing Patterns - Floors

Editing Floors - One Square

Editing Floors - Two Adjacent Squares

Editing Floors - Three Squares

Editing Floors - Two Diagonal Squares

Editing Patterns - Stairs

Editing Stairs - Changing Stairs Directions

Editing Stairs - House Stairs

Editing Stairs - L-Shaped Stairs

Editing Stairs - Spiral Stairs

Editing Patterns - Roofs

Editing Roofs - One Square

Editing Roofs - Two Adjacent Squares

Editing Roofs - Three Squares

Editing Roofs - Two Diagonal Squares

Spotting Enemies Is Crucial To Your Survival

How To Spot Enemies

Visual Cues Help You Watch Out For Danger

Doors Stay Closed Until Opened

Empty Or Open Lootboxes Means It Was Already Searched

Broken Objects Are Resources Gathered

Vanishing Objects Means That Another Player Is Near

Built Structures May Still Have Players In Them

Loot On The Ground Means A Fight Happened There

Auditory Cues Help You Hear For Trouble

Footsteps Mean That An Enemy Is Very Near

You Can Hear An Enemy Use Their Pickaxe

Weapon Switching Causes It To Make Noise

Everyone Can Hear An Emote With Sound

How To Prevent Being Spotted

When Exploring

Close Doors Behind You

Don’t Destroy Objects

Crouching Makes You Move More Quietly

Keep Moving

Only Build When Necessary

Stay Away From Open Areas

Switch And Reload Guns When You’re Alone

When Fighting

Only Fight When Necessary

Suppressed Weapons Are Your Friends

Use Your Surroundings

Use The Camera To Your Advantage

Heal Yourself Later

Awareness Is Vital To Survival

Checking For Enemies

Zero In On Loot

Check Your Surrounding On The Go

The “Run, Jump, And Search” Method

Pros And Cons

How To Quietly Farm Materials

Risks Of Gathering Materials

How To Gather Materials Quietly

Don’t Destroy Resources Completely

Hit Every Resource You Pass

Gather From The Right Sources

Safe Sources

Risky Sources

Put Gathering To Your Advantage

Gather Materials Safely

Use As A “Booby Trap”

How To Land Faster

Land Fast To Get Victory Royale!

Ways To Land Faster

Strafe Glider From Left To Right!

Point Camera At Ground Level

Land On Map Edge Or Low Ground

Basic Glider Information

How To Get Gliders

How To Use Gliders

Press “Space” To Use

Glide To Descend Slowly

Skydive To Descend Faster

Gliders Open At A Certain Height

Tips On Using Your Glider

Choose Your Landing Spot

Landing Close To The Battle Bus Path

Landing Far From The Battle Bus Path

Land On Roofs

Check Where Enemies Are Landing

Activate Glider Using Launch Pad

Activate Glider Using Rifts

Pro Techniques Guide - Level 3 - Intermediate Techniques

Techniques To Make A Difference

Survive Falling By Building

Falling From High Places Is Lethal

The Safe Fall Distance

How To Not Take Fall Damage

Step 1 - Open Stairs In Build Mode

Stairs Are Recommended!

Step 2 - Place Stairs Under You

Tips To Master This Technique

Practice Quick Building

Always Check If You Can Build

Building Guide - Stair Rush

Building Is For Offense And Defense

Example: Dual Stairs Are For Offense & Defense

Stairs Are A Versatile Building Component

Method 1: Stair Rush Using The Stair Tunnel

Step 1: Create A Floor

Step 2: Create 2 Stairs On The Far & Near Side Of The Floor

Step 3: Move Up While Creating Stairs

Method 2: Stair Rush Using Edits

Step 1: Create A Floor

Step 2: Create A Stair On The Floor

Step 3: Move Up While Creating Stairs

Step 4: Create A Floor In Front Of You

Step 5: Edit An Exit Out Of The Floor

Step 6: Repeat Steps 3 - 5 As Much As Needed

Uses Of The Stair Rush Technique

Stair Rush Is For Aggressive Play Styles

Aggressively Push Forward

Cover Your Front & Back

Pros & Cons Of Stair Rushing

Strengths Of The Stair Rushing

Cover Your Back & Front

Rush The High Ground

Weaknesses Of Stair Rushing

Uses Lots Of Materials

Requires Lots Of Practice

Building Guide - Basic Fort Building

Building Towers Is An Essential Technique

A Safe Haven For You

How To Build A Basic Fort

What You Will Need

At Least 170 Materials

Time For Practice

Tower Building - Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Surround Yourself With Walls

Step 2: Jump & Build Stairs

Step 3: Surround The Upper Part With Walls

Step 4: Jump & Build A Floor

Step 5: Repeat Steps 2 - 4

Step 6: Finish Your Tower By Building Stairs

Pros & Cons Of The Tower

The Strengths Of The Tower

Towers Grant You A Big Height Advantage

Towers Protect Most Of Your Sides

Falling From Towers Will Not Give Fall Damage

The Weaknesses Of The Tower

Towers Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb

Basic Forts Consume Lots Of Materials

Building Towers Need Practice

Tips On Using The Basic Fort

Use Your Stairs As Quick Cover

Jump Down For A Quick Escape

Edit Your Way Out To Be More Discreet

Survival Is Always The Key To Winning!

Building Guide - Stairs Building Reinforcement

Stairs Alone Are Brittle

Stairs Can Only Take So Much Damage

Falling From Certain Heights Can Hurt You

Fall Damage Ignores Your Shield!

Reinforce Your Stairs With A Wall

How To Build This Structure

Step 1: Build Stairs

Step 2: Build A Wall While Moving Up The Stairs

Step 3: Rinse And Repeat While Aiming Forward

Strengths Of The Wall & Stairs Combo

Walls Will Absorb Damage First!

Weakness Of The Wall & Stairs Combo

This Structure Is Vulnerable Underneath

Add Floors To Your Walls & Stairs

How To Build This Structure

Step 1: Build A Floor

Step 2: Add Stairs

Step 3: Build A Wall In Front Of Your Stairs

Step 4: Rinse And Repeat While Aiming Forward

Strength Of The Walls, Stairs & Floor Combo

Walls, & Floors Absorb Damage First

Floors Will Catch You If You Fall

Weaknesses Of The Walls, Stairs & Floor Combo

Needs Practice To Do It Quickly

Needs Time & Resources

Using Windows To Escape/Enter

Using Windows As Entryways

How To Go Through Windows

Use A Roof As Leverage

Can’t Go Through Small Windows

Move Forward To Pass Through

Be Careful Of Fall Damage

Using Windows To Your Advantage

Ambush Enemies

Add Traps While Escaping

Discreetly Get Inside Buildings

How To Win - Tips For Every Game

Survival Is Your Utmost Priority

Keep Moving To Stay Alive

Listen & Look Out For Suspicious Movements

Don’t Let The Storm Damage You

Know When To Use Vehicles

Tips Before The Match

Adjust Your Settings

Adjust Your Controls

Recommended Keybinds For Pc

Choose Your Control Scheme For Consoles.

Select Strategic Locations To Land In

Select Areas With High Ground/Cover

Loot Weapons & Items

Have Recovery Items Ready

Have Enough Ammo

Manage Your Resources

Combat Tips

Know When To Enter Into Combat

Be Opportunistic

Utilize The High Ground

Make Quick Covers

Balance Your Loadout

Select The Right Weapons

Team Survival

Communicate With Your Team

Speak Up!

Keep Each Other Equipped

Fighting As A Team

Focus Down Enemies

Build To Trap Downed Enemies

Safely Revive Your Teammates

Endgame Positioning Tips

Position Yourself To Win

Examples Good Positioning

High Ground

Behind Good Cover

Examples Bad Positioning

Right In The Open

Being At The Low Ground

Positioning Is Crucial At Endgame

Recommended Areas For Last Stands

High Ground

Areas With Environmental Cover

Positioning With The Storm

Middle Of The Storm’s Eye

Edge Of The Storm

Countering Enemy Positioning

Come From The Sides

Keep Your Distance

How To Move Faster In Water

Jump To Move Faster In Water

The Pros And Cons Of Jumping On Water

Pro: Jumping Makes You Move Faster

Con: Jumping Will Make You Easier To Spot

Build To Move Faster In Water

The Pros And Cons Of Building To Move Faster

Pro: Building Creates A Bridge For You

Con: You Need Lots Of Materials

Use Items To Move Away From Enemies

Have A Rift-To-Go In Handy

Use An Impulse Grenade To Send Someone Flying!

Use A Shockwave Grenade To Create More Space

Bodies Of Water On The Map

Loot Lake

Paradise Palms Lake

Best Spots To Land

Good Landing Spot = Survival

Avoid Encounters

Land Fast & Equip Yourself Immediately

Landing Recommendations Per Mode



Tips For Choosing A Landing Spot

Don’t Land Along The Battle Bus Route

Check Challenges

Roofs And Top Of Buildings

Visible Loot

Things To Remember When Landing

Watch For Other Players While Gliding

Land Faster

Dangerous Landing Spots

What Makes An Area Dangerous?

Scenarios You Might Face

Examples Of Dangerous Landing Areas

High Population Areas

Areas Featured In Challenges

Open Areas

Extreme Edges Of The Map

Getting Out Of A Dangerous Area

Plan Your Escape

Equip Yourself

Gather Building Materials

Don’t Destroy Targets!

Get Out Of The Area

Pro Techniques Guide - Level 4 - Advanced Guide

Here Are Somewhat Difficult Techniques

Utilizing Weapon Combos

What Are Weapon Combinations?

Selecting Weapons

Weapon Combo Examples



Hand Cannon/Smg

Rocket Launcher/Smg


Assault Rifle/Bolt Action Rifle

Minigun/Assault Rifle

Drum Gun/Shotgun


Rocket Launcher/Assault Rifle

Scoped Assault Rifle/Sniper Rifle

Shooting Tips - The Pop Shot Technique

Use Pop Shot Technique To Safely Counter Attack

Counter Attack With Minimal Risks

Use The Pop Shot To Counter Mid To Long Range Enemies

How To Do The Pop Shot Technique

Step 1:Find Or Build Some Cover

Step 2: Crouch Down & Move To The Edge

Step 3: Line Up Your Sights

Step 4: Stand Up, Shoot, & Duck Back Down

Step 5: Rinse & Repeat Steps 4-5

Best Weapons For The Pop Shot Technique

Recommended Weapons For Pop Shots

The Pros & Cons Of The Pop Shot Technique

The Pros Of The Pop Shot Technique

Only Exposes You When You Fire

Improves Accuracy By Lessening Your Spray

The Cons Of The Pop Shot Technique

Needs Practice To Easily Pull Off

Improve Your Pop Shot With These Shooting Tips

Avoid Rhythmically Standing Up

Shoot Sparingly

Build To Take The High Ground

Be Tactical On The High Ground

Check Your Surroundings

Easier To Pick Off Enemies

Harder To Be Hit

Creating The High Ground

The Corner Method

Step 1 - Create Two Walls

Step 2 - Create Stairs

Step 3 - Repeat

Pros And Cons Of The Corner Method

The R Method

Step 1 - Create The Base

Step 2 - Add The Floor

Step 3 - Repeat

Pros And Cons Of The R Method

Let’s Make These Forts Better

Keep It To Three Floors

Use Different Materials

Add Extra Walls

Edit Your Structures

Pro Techniques Guide - Level 5 - Play Like A Pro

Difficult, But Useful Techniques

Editing Guide - Build Battle Edits

The Edit Function Has Different Uses

Using Edits In Build Battles

Close Range Build Battle Edits

Step 1: Break Down The Enemy’s Walls

Step 2: Quickly Build Your Own Wall

Step 3: Edit An Opening Of Your Own

Step 4: Aim & Fire!

Mid To Long Range Build Battle Edits

Step 1: Build A Wall

Step 2: Edit Out A Part From Your Wall

Step 3: Take Aim And Fire

Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Editing

Edit Out In Triangles

Triangles Instead Of Windows

Practice Editing To Get The Hang Of It

Use Weapons Effective For Each Range

Shotguns Cover A Wide Area In Close Range

Assault Rifles Deal Good Damage In Mid Range

Sniper Rifles Can Pick Off Enemies From Long Range

How To Stand Your Ground When Enemies Rush Your Fort

There May Be Situations Where You Need To Stand Your Ground

Your Fort Can Only Protect You For So Long

Standing Your Ground When Enemies Rush Your Fort

Let Them Destroy Your Wall & Fire Back Immediately

Step 1: Put Up A Wall To Lure Your Enemy

Step 2: Line Up Your Shot

Step 3: Fire Away As Soon As Your Wall Breaks

Pop Out Together & Focus Your Fire When In Teams

Two Or More Targets Can Disorient The Enemy

Focusing Your Fire Can Eliminate Enemies Quicker

Assess Your Situation

Know When To Run Away

What Gun Is The Enemy Using?

Do You Have Equipment To Fight Back With?

How Many Resources Do You Have?

Do You Have Any Shield And Healing Items?

Build As You Fall

Why Build While Falling?

Prevent Fall Damage

Surprise Attack Enemies

Go Down Faster

Build As You Fall Techniques

Check Where You Can Build

Build Walls & Floors

Building Walls

Building Floors

Limit To 2 Story Heights

Tips On Building While Falling

Activate Turbo Building

Jumping Can Cause Fall Damage

Utilize Your Camera

Survey Cliff Shapes Before Falling

Build With Wood

Practice On Playground Mode!

Advanced Tip: Use Impulse Grenade To Boost Up

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