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At eleven o' clock one night in 1997, four hungry, damaged young children arrive on foster carers Trisha and Mike Merry's doorstep. Two social workers dropped them off with nothing but the ragged clothes they were wearing and no information. The children were covered in bruises, two had black eyes, one had a broken arm and they were all scratching themselves.

Starved, seriously neglected and abused in every way, four young siblings have been repeatedly overlooked by everyone who should have cared. The eldest scavenges for food by night and is exhausted from trying to protect his sisters, his baby brother and himself from serious parental neglect and the perilous attentions of frequent paedophile visitors.

From the start, these four children challenge Trisha and Mike to extremes. Despite all their experience over many years, they wonder if they have met their match. Yet, from that very first night, this couple's unbounded love and care and their unbelievable determination surmount all the obstacles that follow. The shocking truth about the children's home lives is beyond anything Trish and Mike have experienced, yet through their formidable efforts, their unshakeable belief in the children, and their (almost) unfailing sense of humour, they are able to turn around four young lives from tragedy to hope.

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9 April
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***HYT ,

Four waifs on our doorstep

Thank you for writing this book - we too have gone through hard times with one of our three adopted children so can appreciate how hard it can be. Unlike your experience with so called helping professionals we were lucky. Our son had help, enouragement and access to councelling for many years - sadly to no avail. Like you, we and our families at least know that we did our best in every way - some people come to us too broken to every get the pieces back together, but we persevere, unlike some experts. Thank you for sharing your story.

Kazzamatazza ,

Good read

Sad, funny and a lot of heart

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