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A fun family vacation turns into an apocalyptic nightmare when a couple and their young son find themselves trapped in the Irish countryside during an international crisis. With all contact outside the country gone, all electricity and all except horse-powered vehicles useless and desperate bands of outlaws roaming the Emerald Isle, the time has come for one soft American family to reach deep within for the reserve of brains and courage to survive.

Fiction & Literature
1 January
San Marco Press
Susan Kiernan-Lewis

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Ardenvale ,

Free Falling

Susan Kienan-Lewis
Y. Free Falling 7/10
Free ebook. It’s well written but a bit grim and dark. After a nuclear bomb all phones,computers and electrical machinery don’t work. An Amercian couple and their 10 year old son, John, have renting a cottage in the Irish countryside, and are suddenly stranded. The family have a crash learning experience of living off the land. Some rough gypsies decide that this world crisis is an opportunity to murder, steal and burn down homes without reprisal. Then the father, David, is captured by a crazy lady, who is then murdered by the gypsies. His wife and son have learned to use guns, and save him. Strangely they are happier living so simply in the country than they were with their successful busy lives in America.



I can't explain it the trill the truth and the guessing is amazing to bad the next book is for money :( still the story line is amazing the book is my new favorite thing! Also the sad times make me cry the horror the entire book is a masterpiece. GET THE BOOK!

Yahhoooooooo28374638 ,

At 9% I couldn’t take any more

I feel sorry that an author has spent time on an interesting story and here I am reviewing it early on, with no intention of finishing it. There is some sort of world catastrophe and a family find themselves marooned in Ireland. Sounds interesting enough, but there is so much complaining by the characters about things being ‘not American’ (not like the US) that it was like being on holidays with the stereotypical ‘ugly American’ tourist. Even worse, the authors voice was so US centric it was hard to believe they had ever travelled or considered another culture. Or maybe this is the authors view of US citizens. Either way, thin characters, Ill-considered, so annoying I was hoping they got blown up.

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