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College friends Adam and Hannah find themselves stuck in a freezing RV overnight with nothing but each other for warmth and entertainment. To make matters worse, Hannah is fighting her constant, growing desire for Adam's gorgeous body. Will she be able to restrain herself, or will she give in and let Adam warm her up in a way she's never experienced before?

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“You think if we get out and de-ice the windshield again we can make it through this pass to a restaurant? I could use a hot dinner anyway,” I suggest. My stomach rumbles its agreement at the thought of food. We have snacks in the back, but after two days of travel I’m getting sick of munching on granola bars and bananas.

In conceiving of this post-graduation plan, we had all neglected to think about driving conditions in mid-January. What were four Florida kids supposed to now about Colorado roads in winter? Not half an hour after chugging slowly up the first winding mountain road, our windshield defroster had gone out.

“You get what you pay for!” Adam joked when it happened, but now our situation is starting to look more serious.

“It’s not just the windshield this time,” Adam cranes his neck to try and see the RV’s front tire without rolling the window down and letting in the bitter cold. “There’s just no traction there at all. We’re sliding all over the place. And I’m serious about that cliff thing.”

I cast one more longing thought toward my warm hotel room that just isn’t meant to be.

The purpose of renting the RV, of course, was so we could use our paltry December-graduate funds to stock the kitchen and avoid having to shell out for restaurants and two separate hotel rooms every night during the trip. The first night went all right, but after the second night of pre-packaged microwave dinner and the hard, freezing cold bed of the camper, I found myself wanting to pay a little bit more for some luxury tonight.

The heating system in this old rig seemed fine when we tested it out at the rental place back in Florida, but it’s just no match for the weather the farther we trudge north.

In truth, though, there is another reason why I had been hoping for a room to myself tonight. It’s embarrassing to admit, even to myself.

The night before left me feeling conflicted and more than a little uncomfortable. Some distance between us would be a good thing, so I don’t end up doing anything I’ll regret.

Though I’ve been trying desperately to stop it from happening all day long, my mind once again wanders against my will, daydreaming about the events of the night before.

Fiction & Literature
21 July
Boruma Publishing
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