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Advisory: This 22000 word erotic tale contains female domination, explicit sexuality, and adult situations.

******This ebook should be purchased/borrowed and read by adults only******

The content may be considered objectionable, so please read at your own discretion.

Jason and Kimberly are housemates, and they get along pretty well, for the most part.

Kimberley is hot, and Jason is a geek, so theirs is a comfortable roommate relationship.

Jason senses though, that there is more to Kimberley than meets the eye, and one day, by sheer dumb luck, he finds out just what it is.

Jason stumbles on a secret lair, in the basement of the house he shares with Kimberley, kitted out with all manner of adult style dungeon toys, and he realizes that there is much more to the first-year English Literature student than he, or anyone else for that matter, first thought!

Intrigued by what he sees, his own curiosity is stirred.

He didn’t know that he was living with a dominatrix right under the same roof, and with the luck the young geek has had with women, he feels like this might just be the best thing that could have happened to him…


What’s that they say about curiosity?

Well Jason was certainly very curious, and when he stumbled on my other life, purely by accident, or maybe a little by design,

I know that he will keep my little secret, especially if he wants me to fulfill all the fantasies he never even knew he had…….

……...not until he stumbled on my dominatrix lair…


I knew there was something different about Kimberley.

She was sexy as all hell, and studying English Lit.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the two usually don’t go together.

I am though, a rocket scientist, and maybe it’s because I am a geek that I haven’t had much luck with women.

But when I stumble across Kimberley’s secret, tucked away neatly in the basement of the house we share, the house that belongs to her…….

I know that my luck is about to change……

For Mature Readers Only.

3 January
Scarlett Steele
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