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There is something great about A-list living and Frontstage Style, the eleventh book of a twenty-one book series (The Insiders' Lifestyle Guides), is another step toward a red carpet life. Save up and buy the real thing. Splurging on quality, even if it's pure luxury, isn't a bad investment. You should always be aware of where you are, how you act, and how you look at all times.

Look Inside: Art of Image Making; Outward Appearance - 90% Reflection of How "You" Feel Inside; Clothes Matter - There are Stories in Wardrobes; Accessories, Jewelry, Bags and Hats; Pleasure Given by Shoes; Seasonal Protection; Shop Your Closet; Personal Shoppers; Personal Tailors, Cleaning, and Repair Services; and Personal Stylists.

Frontstage Style - How To Be An Icon by Paige McClinte is a fun and entertaining short read. Since jet setting is part of such a grand lifestyle, the Insiders' Lifestyle Guide series theme includes a cultural or travel experience with every book.

Information is Timeless: Everyone holds a secret desire to be part of the A-list seeking a confident, fashionable, and extraordinary life. These series guides make transformation routine to which all men and women will relate - The Complete Makeover Series.

Actionable Strategies: The Insiders' Lifestyle Guide series contains specific strategies in each book and edition that can transform lives. It details social skills of boosting confidence, replacing bad habits, and reinventing one's self. This book will appeal to professionals, parents, and generations of young adults.

Appeal of the Authors: The Insiders' Lifestyle Guides are written by a team of contributing authors, all with a witty, quirky, slapstick appeal.

Series Overview: The Insiders' Lifestyle Guides is a first, of a twenty-one book series, that will be revised and re-launched periodically with all new material. Each book features famous themed cities represented of the book covers and includes an introduction comprising a short story about its featured city.

Body, Mind & Spirit
1 May
Aauvi House Publishing Group
Smashwords, Inc.

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