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I also have no idea how long it will be until Josi changes. But the reality hits as the sound of the raging guns go quiet and everything within this room goes still.

We're locked inside a room with a ticking time bomb.

She is worse than everything we just escaped.

The night of the blood moon is upon her. Josi must face the coldness inside—the bloodthirsty darkness that kills with tremendous strength and no thought.

Luke has one last chance to save her from certain death. But guilt is a heavy weight on his soul, and if he is ever to find redemption—and love—then the truth of his identity must come out.

Will Josi ever be able to forgive his lies? Will she find the strength to fight the darkness inside? And will she survive long enough to do the impossible—join the Resistance, and destroy the Cure once and for all?

In the final episode of Fury questions are answered, battles won and lost, and love put through the greatest of all tests.

This is a novella-length episode of Fury. The collected edition will be made available simultaneously with Episode 3. For more information visit momentumbooks.com.au/books/fury-book-one-of-the-cure-omnibus-edition/.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
25 March
Pan Macmillan Australia
Macmillan Publishers Australia and Pan Macmillan Australia

Customer Reviews

Melclift ,

I need the next book!

Where is it? Book 2 of the cure?

I need it. I want it. Now. Right now!

That book 1 series was totally awesome - do you know how hard it was to stick to a 1 hr lunch break?

Hurry up Charlotte and deliver the next part of the series please :-)

Loved it, totally hooked.

Rhea the Flea ,


GAH! No spoilers.... but the climax to Fury was SO intense and good... I can't wait for the next instalment!! The relationship between Josi and Luke is so heartachingly complicated, and now even more so. Another brilliant work from one of my favourite authors.

sha22a ,

The Fury Series

Had me at the first page. I loved this book. Encapsulating, exciting, moving and funny. I couldn't put this book down and was rather sadden when I came to the end of the book 3. I really hope that Charlotte McConaghy writes another series following Luke and Josephine in the resistance.

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