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The future of work is about talent, not technology. 

In 'Future Fit,' author Andrea Clarke says that if we want to outrun the algorithm to stay secure in the future of work, we need to upgrade our own capability in ways we may not have considered.

As artificial intelligence is adopted into the workplace and traditional employee arrangements transform, we’re heading into a far less structured era of work. For organisations, it means re-imagining talent models, re-skilling the workforce and re-defining business practices for a digital age. For individuals, it means the onus of responsibility for finding, securing and delivering work lies with us more than ever before.

While the fault-line is clear, so is the opportunity: those who take their 'human skills' to the next level will be powerfully differentiated in a dynamic and demanding new market.

Drawing on a fascinating international career spanning TV journalism, foreign aid, and corporation communication, Clarke's new book will equip you with the eight critical human skills we all need to invest in for a new working environment. From Reputation Capital, Communication, Adaptability, and Creativity to Networking, Leadership, Problem Solving and Continuous Learning, you'll also learn how to deploy these core #FutureFit skills in new and modern ways. 

Business & Personal Finance
14 March
Major Street Publishing
Ingram DV LLC

Customer Reviews

Annie Louise Rose ,

Future Fit

Picked up this book as I browsed in a Melbourne airport bookshop. Boarded my plane and two hours later, hadn’t stopped reading.
As an educator in schools, a business women and a mother of three young men in the careers market, I found immense value in this book. Apart from being a damn good read, its clear and razor sharp observations about the constantly evolving commercial world are beautifully crafted. It’s fresh and insightful, and reveals a truth that is often overlooked - that human connections and relationships are of paramount importance, in all aspects of life- on a personal and corporate level. Always.
I will be recommending it to my students. If young people could glean these learnings at the start of their working lives, instead of way down the track, or never, what an advantage they would have!
Annie Louise Rose

Hair fary ,

Future Fit

Loved reading Future Fit. I’ve gained so much insight on how to grow my career. How to made the hard decisions and found confidence to use my voice. This book is a life changer. I really loved reading the stories from her time in a war zone to the boardroom show downs. Overcoming huge career challenges only to turn them into her successes. Very powerful. Awesome book!

katsem64 ,

A business page turner

A business book that is an absolute page turner with the voice of someone you will want to have as your BFF and business coach combined. Not just insightful but full of insights from thought leaders that reinforce the messages. Future Fit is a must read manual for anyone who wants to ensure career relevance and tactics to position themselves for success.