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In this sizzling novel from New York Times bestselling author Bella Andre, a wild pro-football star meets his match when his image consultant turns out to be an ex from his past.

He’s the Super Bowl hero men idolize and women lust after, the bad-boy quarterback with a dangerous edge. But behind his devil-may-care grin, Ty Calhoun hides a desire that only one woman can ever fulfill—and a memory he can’t shake: high school graduation night, and mind-blowing sex with the untouchable girl of his dreams. He’d trade every trophy to feel the heat of her sensual, uninhibited passion once more. And he may get that chance—because she’s just been hired by the San Francisco Outlaws’ new owner to make over Ty’s reputation.

The country’s top image consultant, Julie Spencer is a total pro at cleaning up the messes of the rich and famous. Even working with the man who took her virginity and broke her heart ten years ago can’t rattle her. Until he touches her again. One hot kiss is all it takes to spark the same knee-quaking electricity, and soon they’re mixing business and extreme pleasure. Knowing the danger Ty poses to her heart, though, Julie’s determined to keep her distance.

But Ty has a game plan of his own. The more he misbehaves, the more Julie will have to keep tabs on him—and the more he can show his dream girl just how fun it is to be bad. This time around, he’s game for anything…especially winning her heart.

16 November
Pocket Books
Simon and Schuster Australia Pty Ltd.

Customer Reviews

porcelina28 ,


I was interested at first and was keen to see how it ended. Up until chapter 24 I think ... I was enjoying it. But I feel like I missed something between 24 and 25? Maybe my iBooks missed a crucial part of the book but it was weird. It went from one opposite to another with no real explanation. Then the final chapter it just all comes together to quick and easy like the author rushed it. Anyway it was ok to read.

Heid's84 ,

Game for anything?

This book is simply a romance. The genre says erotica and if that doesn't float your boat then this book will. Bella Andrews is a great author of romantic books and this book is just one of many.

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