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In the organization of the TV A 1 station, a Greek governmental think-tank simulated negotiations with a known gang-bang society from Macedonia. Ohrid, the spiritual center of a European nation that has been denied the right to existence, has very often in the last ten years served as a place for stupid simulations, and I am afraid that the experts, aside the simulators Bulgarians, Albanians, and Serbs may start to claim it: because the game has several levels. We crossed the way from the first level of the "international" game when the Macedonian leadership accepted negotiations on the name with the reference instead of the name, with a changed Constitution, changed national flag, through the second level when it agreed to the Interim Accord in which its interests were guaranteed in only one and unique Article; we also accepted negotiations on a packet in which the name of the state is the starting and the identity of the nation is the ultimate goal. For the realization of these two goals, the third level was necessary, which promoted the terms "constitutional name" and "constitutional language," which are "not the Bible" and can be changed at a referendum because they are political constructions. On the next level the simulation of a small little war was staged for us, which was waged parallel with the negotiations on new constitutional changes. So, we got a new preamble and thus opened the space for another player in the future simulations. The UCK is today participating in the Macedonian reality in two roles--as a constituent and as explosive that is activated upon a phone a call, as an "analyst" with an ethnic geographical origin of a "debate" admitted on A 2 TV Station just before the big think-tank--gang-bang simulation. There is nothing by accident in the preparations of the big simulations. And they are all with an incorporated failure. They abstract reality, because of which a talented forester who has access to the joystick can trick them. Camp David, Dayton, and many other simulated agreements indicate to skepticism, but the participants who made appear the "second party" or, to be more precise, the first party as the B-variance in the propaganda Ohrid episode seem to be indebted to Greece, and therefore they have to do their job cumulatively without paying much attention. The way they are, they would have ended as another irritating propaganda bad egg to which we are used, had Gruevski not pressed "delete" in the middle of the game. He said that if the final proposal for Macedonia would be Republic Northern Macedonia, this Government would put this ultimatum on a referendum, in which he personally would vote against. I do not see how some people cannot understand and interpret this in one or another way. The "VMRO-pall with hair in his nose" told all the simulators "game over". So, he did not bury the negotiations, because actually there have not been any negotiations, but just the Greek ultimatum supported by a number of power centers packed in a set of monstrous ideas.

28 April
Macedonian Information Centre
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