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Gina Rinehart is not just the richest person in Australian history, she is fast becoming one of the richest people in the world. The daughter of Lang Hancock - legendary arch-conservative, secessionist, mining millionaire and discoverer of the world's largest iron deposit in the Pilbara - Gina has grown up in a family known as much for its front-page legal stoushes as for its business acumen and toughness.

With her reported wealth more than doubling in the last twelve months, Rinehart is beginning to flex the enormous power her money gives, buying large shareholdings in television's Ten Network and newspaper group Fairfax Media. They are moves that will give Rinehart and her controversial views a major place in Australian life and public affairs.

Based on painstaking research and a wealth of interviews with Rinehart's colleagues, friends, family and former employees, award-winning journalist Adele Ferguson has written the definitive biography, shining a light into the private world of Gina Rinehart, her family, her feuds and the iron determination that has driven her relentless rise.

Shortlisted for ABIA Awards' Biography of the Year 2013

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1 July
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Customer Reviews

Ctownsend ,

Great book

Gina Rinehart by Adele ferguson is one of the best books ever.

TwiggyF ,

Gina Rinehart

An immensely readable, absorbing yarn about the drive of an extraordinary woman with obscene wealth. Read it, you'll be fascinated.

Annalise Sallemi ,

Such a captivating book.

An absolutely thrilling and riveting read that retraces Gina Rinehart's childhood in the isolated north west of Western Australia to the present day. Through a plethora of revealing and intimate interviews with Gina’s immediate family, friends and business colleagues the reader is able to gain a ringside seat into how this reclusive billionaire runs her private life and business affairs. What struck me about this well researched book is how the author stands back and gives an even-handed analysis of one of the most powerful and wealthy individuals in Australia, if not the world--- not an easy undertaking I would imagine, given the controversy and public debate that surrounds this formidable and driven woman. For my money this is a very important book as not only does it deals with how she built up a mining empire and the setbacks she suffered along the way but it also explores how she is using her vast wealth and influence--she reportedly earns $2million every minute--- to push an extreme right wing ideology. Well worth a read!

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