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This dark and unusual collection of works is the very first of it kind. C.L. DiFiore writes a chilling and realistic version of himself in 44 pages of real life short stories and poetry. Growing up in a very toxic and abusive family, DiFiore's rendition is very articulate, raw, & borderline manic. He has the ability to portray many of his childhood horrors through the keyboard in a way that will have you sunken in and amazed.

DiFiore, also a painter shows his passion through the medium of acrylic and canvas. Having lost his grandmother to alcohol abuse at age 11, he paints his grandmother "Elsie" in an eerie portrait titled "Lla Llorona". This book is short and surreal - It will leave you in wonderment and awe that someone would with DiFiore's experiences would opt to share the deepest and most private thoughts and emotions.

DiFiore, a 37 year old transman even describes his bouts with suicide during his life and through his medical transition from female to male in "a letter to dad through his wife". His father served over 20 years in prison for murder and missed out on a life with his trans son and the death of his first wife, DiFiore's mother in 2001. This book is not all dark and dreary, there is a strong essence of being in love scattered through it like sunlight peaking through the windows of a dark house. Its rich and unconventional poetry pulls at the heart strings and beckons the universe for the happiness it deserves.

Everything Difiore has created in this short but satisfying memoir-style work is beautiful in the sense that it is real emotion forged through the words of his broken but mended heart. It is pure unadulterated emotion that deserves to be read and digested slowly, as if you were traveling to another world to wine and dine on the most succulent meal of your life.

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July 8
C.L. DiFiore
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