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Do you ever look at successful women and wonder how they manage to keep it all together?

Do you feel stuck in your career and life?

Do you struggle with feelings of overwhelm, lack of confidence and no clear way forward? 

If so, you’re not alone. Most female leaders and entrepreneurs experience this at some stage in their lives. What sets the truly successful ones apart is they know how to control their mojo and mindset. They play to their strengths, are unafraid to try something new and Get Shiz Done! 

How do successful women manage to break the glass ceiling, get paid their worth and grow their businesses and rock their personal lives? Do they believe they can have it all? Hell yes, they do! Are they superwomen? Hell no, they aint! They just control their mindset and their mojo and thrive. 


We want more energy, confidence, and financial freedom. We know that unless we step into the potential of our careers or business, we will stagnate and feel unfulfilled. The good news is this: there IS a path forward through the myths that hold us back.

Emma McQueen busts through the 12 myths that limit womens’ growth to reveal the truths. She shares practical, actionable, and real-world ideas and strategies to help women make better choices to light up their mindset, ignite their mojo and thrive.

The good news is, you can, too! Yes, you can get paid your worth, elevate your confidence and do all the things you want to do. How? With Go-getter – an inspiring and motivational book packed with real-world, actionable strategies. 

In this book, leadership coach, mentor and facilitator Emma McQueen:

• Smashes the 12 myths that hold women back.
• Reveals the 12 truths so you can not only survive, but thrive. 
• Shares practical tools and strategies so you can take control of your life. 
• Gives you the confidence to take your career or business to the next level.

Now is the time to get the results and happiness you deserve! 

What are you waiting for? Go get ‘em!  

About the Author: 

Emma McQueen is a leadership coach, mentor, facilitator and author. She has a reputation for results and helping women to align their purpose, potential and passion and get paid what they are worth. 

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15 February
Emma McQueen

Customer Reviews

Renee Giarrusso ,

A motivating and insightful read!!!

Emma is to be applauded on birthing this much needed book to world.

The Go-getter book really delivers on tips, tools, and insights to raise your mojo, shift your mindset and thrive.

Emma’s energy, passion and experience jumps out of the pages as she takes you through practical models, exercises, real life scenarios and war stories bringing the learnings to life.

This is a must read and ‘forever: reference guide for any female leader looking not to survive but to thrive in a world offering so much potential for those that want to get it!

Well done Emma, this books encapsulates what you bring to world, with so much passion and heart!