Does What You Believe Really Matter?

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What it is that you believe about God and where did your beliefs come from?  Are the beliefs you hold to be true your beliefs or are they based on ideas and notions of others that you have come to accept without really thinking things through for yourself? To start with, do you believe God exists?  If so, is your belief based on logical and rational reasoning or blind faith?

Is it possible that what you believe about God is wrong? Not just a little wrong, but so wrong that it could ruining your life?  For example, is it possible that what you believe is holding you back from having the experiences that you really want to have in life and that God would also like you to have? How about this:  Do you think that might be a better way to look at spiritual and religious ideas that would serve you better while also being better for others and the world at large?

In this book, we’re going to explore the subject of God which is often considered too taboo to discuss.  We’ve all heard the admonition to avoid talking about religion and politics.  Yet religion and politics are two of the most interesting subjects to talk about, especially religion.  It was our first attempt as humans to try to figure out the world we live in.  Not that far back in our past we had a god for just about everything.  Today, much of the world is monotheistic which means that most people just believe in one God.  But have you noticed that it’s often not the same God?

Regardless of your beliefs, religion is a powerful force in the world.  Some might even say that it’s the most powerful force.  But is it a force for good?  Is it helping us to make the world the best it can be?  I want to be clear at the outset that my intention is not to get you to believe what I believe.  My intention is to help you determine what you believe and why.  It’s easy to adopt someone else’s beliefs but I think we do ourselves a disservice when we do that.  From the time we gain consciousness, we have this inner desire to fit in, and for good reason.  We need to be a part of a group if we are to survive.  But we take this need to belong to extremes if all we ever do is to try to fit in rather than figure out who we are.  At some point, we need to be able to breakaway from the group to develop our own unique identity.  It is my sincere desire that his book helps you on the path to discovering (and/or uncovering) what you believe.

Religion & Spirituality
16 May
Success Systems International, LLC
Success Systems International, LLC

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