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 have been Ron Hardin’s Pastor and friend for the past twenty-five years and have seen his words come to pass in a remarkable way. God has comforted, encouraged, and directed, rebuked, reproved, prophesied, and edified multitudes of believers (myself included) through Ron’s poems. As you get quiet before God and read the poems contained in this book, something amazingly powerful will occur.   

Pastor Glen Curry

I’ve been blessed by Ron Hardin’s friendship and ministry for over a decade now, a ministry that includes sharing the wisdom of the ages in unique poetic forms. I’m happy to see that Ron’s latest collection of poems certainly live up to the standards of excellence and grace established by his previous literary works. In other words- this book hits a home run!

Carl Prude Jr.

A few years ago we found ourselves in a place of unrest and distress. Which was very hard to escape, though soon after we found Ronnie’s book of poems from His Heart. Wow the pain and discomfort that existed dissipated almost immediately!

Jerry and Cheryl Caglese

We all go through different phases in our walk with God. There are times of joy and peace as well as times of iron sharpening and refinement. This book spoke to me when I needed it the most as God points out something new every time I take a second look at a passage.

Cole Marcus

In Ron Hardin’s latest published work, God’s Mail Volume 3 the heart of the struggling believer breaks through with resounding honesty. Tackling current major issues such as recovery from abortion, suicide and even everyday life survival in keeping faith afloat, Ron is transparent and sincere.

Ray and Sherri Cullison

We encourage you to read this book filled with prophetic poems that will speak to every area of your life, whatever your circumstances might be, there is a poem in this book that will speak to your heart and you will know that your Heavenly Father is with you and for you. These poems will encourage you, uplift, inspire and convict you when needed.

Raul and Ausencia Cruz

Fiction & Literature
30 August
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