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The story evolves from the personal experiences of the writer, from his deep (forty years) research and discoveries of quantum cone vortex. Once into awareness, he reveals the techniques of connecting and triggering the act of God events. He formulates the mysteries of self-fate programming. He explains how the government, religion, finance, and science are interconnected for the first time in history. His research deep dives into the Bible, yoga meditation, wave-particle quantum physics, and into occult, the metaphysics. He is not just theorizing about life events; he is proactively changing the events in biblical proportions. He becomes the miracle creator by thought and by action, the trigger man, who can only relate to the higher dimensions and to cosmic intelligence. The formulas he writes may seem similar to previous theoretical physicists, but they are his own concept, given the examples of his work and e-mail prior to the God's Particle/Boson announcement by Peter Higgs on July 4, 2012. The quantum cone vortex diagram and its connection to yin and yang with annihilation and creation, related to cosmic spiral sequence of four sixes, may seem absurd to earths fourth-dimensional thinkers, but it is backed by facts by the author. His prediction of the next flood is backed by errors in time measured by Mayans and Nostradamus. Once a person is elevated to the vortex in quantum cone with zero weight / gravity and when time stops in quantum reality, then he/she will able to be awarded with all possibilities to create or destroy. The writer imitates the out-of-the-box thinking of God, but he is not comparing himself to cosmic intelligence. He just uses the quantum energy (in form of dark and light energyhe calls them Satan and God, respectively, for convenience). The examples are powerful and convincing. The reader should not just observe the authors human encounters to get to quick conclusions. It is a manual of how to think without fear. Once the fear is eliminated, the mind is open to deep into subconsciousness and to build the awareness, where all possibilities are unrestricted, and to rise to the sixth cosmic dimension, God.

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24 September

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