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The world is aging faster than many people realize. We need to remember that from the beginning to end, life was meant to be lived with dignity using the empathy and compassion that God gives us.

Everyone should greet each day as a gift to be lived, cherished and shared with those they love. You matter because you are you, and you matter until the last moment of your life.

When you are told that someone you love is going to die, it’s as if time skips a beat. And once the clock resumes ticking, nothing is ever the same again.

My mom lived until the ripe age of 82 years old and so did her mother. So I guess you can say I am descended from a line of long-livers. However, back then things were simpler and they had access to natural foods and lived in clean environments.

When my mother died, my father had passed on over 20 years earlier. My 8 siblings and I had no idea of the amount of work we needed to do.

Not only did we need to make sure all her affairs were in order but we had to make sure she was comfortable during the last days of her life.

If you have never experienced the pain of losing a loved one especially an elderly person in your family, then you need to keep reading this book.

Due to a culture that celebrates youth and ignores the elderly, seniors and their families are largely unprepared to deal with the challenges seniors face as they age.

This book is an easy-to-read guide for those who are seeking to become more knowledgeable on how to age gracefully and how to take care of the seniors in their care.

In this country, seniors are treated horribly! Many countries, Hispanic or Latino countries and others, allows seniors to move in with their families as they age.

This not only helps families out with childcare, but it’s also a great support system for seniors. However, in this country as seniors age, we look for nursing homes (aka “old folks homes”) to drop seniors off at as if these homes are some sought of elephant’s graveyard.

This kind of mindset has been the norm in this country for a long time and despite a fallen economy, many are still looking for these homes because they lack the proper knowledge on how to care for their loved ones. Therefore, this book is a must-read for the entire family. Good luck!

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21 November
Cathy Harris
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