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Synopsis For Prayer Meeting Handbook
by Doug Vermeulen

These meetings are the immune system of Christ’s Body, keeping the body of Christ healthy; and without them all being in place it is impossible to establish a Christian stronghold.
If we do not put in place all 5 meetings, it leaves a gap in the area that has been left out for satan to gain entry into the Church. A Christian stronghold can only said to be in place if we are living in the space spoken about in Psalm 91. We only have to look around us to see the need for a Christian stronghold.
These five meetings fulfill all the needs of the people, and they are then able to build up that Christian stronghold in the cell group meetings, at that level of their Christian lives, and with an ever stronger stronghold
It is our submission that the only ways the Church is going to be able to live and experience the above scriptures; is to replace man as the head of the Church; and have Jesus run His Church – His Body. This is what the 5 Meeting Handbooks are all about.
Corporate Responsibility With Individual Freedom Of Function
Individual Freedom Of Function With Corporate Responsibility
The book deals with the total involvement of the 5-fold ministries - Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher, and their connection with the 5 Church meetings - Covenant, Prayer, Worship, Good News and Bibles Study.
This could directly bring in the 'Glorious Church without spot or wrinkle'.
It is natural for us to ask "How are we going to do all this?"
We look at the nuts and bolts of how the 5 Church meetings need to be done , in collaboration with the 5-fold ministry.
Our Work: 5 Fold Is For Our Ministry And Our Ministry Is For The Local Churches: Cell Groups.

Religion & Spirituality
29 May
Doug Vermeulen
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