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Meet Edith Campbell Berry, the woman all Australian women would like to be.

On a train from Paris to Geneva, Edith Campbell Berry meets Major Ambrose Westwood in the dining car, makes his acquaintance over a lunch of six courses, and allows him to kiss her passionately.Their early intimacy binds them together once they reach Geneva and their posts at the newly created League of Nations. There, a heady idealism prevails over Edith and her young colleagues, and nothing seems beyond their grasp, certainly not world peace.

The exuberance of the times carries over into Geneva nights: Edith is drawn into a dark and glamorous underworld where, coaxed by Ambrose, she becomes more and more sexually adventurous. Reading Grand Days is a rare experience: it is vivid and wise, full of shocks of recognition and revelation. The final effect of the book is intoxicating and unplaceably original.

Fiction & Literature
26 October
Penguin Random House Australia
Penguin Random House Australia Pty Ltd

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Jabiru195 ,

What would Edith do?

Frank Moorhouse takes the reader into the world of the smashing Edith Campbell Berry, a young Australian woman in her first years at the League of Nations. Ediths small and large moments are explored with refined detail, finesse and insight. Each time I find a ladder in my stockings or encountering a subtle power play during a meeting, I ask myself, “What would Edith do”. Ever since first reading it, Edith has remained a role model for many women, even prompting a session on Edith at the Sydney Writer’s Festival. Grand Days is a grand novel set in a grant time in Geneva.

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