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Ivan Milat, the notorious backpacker serial killer, is not the most feared person in the prison system. Nor is it Martin Bryant, the man responsible for claiming 35 lives in the Port Arthur massacre. No, the person in Australia controversially ruled ‘too dangerous to be released’, the one who needs chains, leather restraints and a full-time posse of guards is Rebecca Butterfield: a self-mutilating murderer, infamous for slicing guards and stabbing another inmate 33 times.

But Butterfield is not alone. There’s cannibal killer Katherine Knight, jilted man-murderer Kathy Yeo, jailbreak artist Lucy Dudko, and a host of others who will greet you inside the gates of Australia’s hardest women’s jails. You will meet drug dealers, rapists and fallen celebrities. You will hear tales of forbidden love, drug parties gone wrong and guards who trade 40-cent phone calls for sex.
All will be revealed in Green Is the New Black, a comprehensive account of women’s prison life by award-winning author and journalist James Phelps.

3 July
Penguin Random House Australia
Penguin Random House Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Kellkenny80 ,


Love this book just like his other books

Opinionamied ,

Appallingly written

This has to be one of the worst things I’ve ever tried to read. The author completely dehumanises the women. It is sensationalised, uses outdated homophobic and transphobic language and reads like something out of a trashy tabloid. A chance to explore the reasons women end up in prison was utterly wasted here. No compassion, no empathy, no voice for anyone but the “model” inmate whom we are meant to feel sorry for because she’s attractive, was horrified by her fellow criminals and only stole half a mil. I was not at all surprised to see the author writes for the daily terrorgraph

Bingy11 ,


I wanted to love this but the writing was pretty sub par. It felt like a teenager writing it most of the time. Really disappointing. I wish I could get my
Money back

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