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Life wasn't what Elayna thought once she married her nouveau riche husband. She has found out the hard way all that glitters isn't gold.
Nick is hired to protect Elayna. He thought from the paparazzi, but soon finds out it's something more
Nick's breath had been taken away when he saw dangerous...Her husbandhis employer's wife walk out of her bedroom in that dress. Not because he could see her perfect breasts, but because she wore it with so much confidence. As if to say there was nothing wrong with her outfit. That it was perfectly fine. Though he thought he had detected a bit of shame in her eyes, only briefly, when she had first stepped out, but she had embraced it in the expensive cocktail dress that made her look gorgeous. Her raven black hair was free flowing and framed her face beautifully. Making her hazel eyes look big. She wore a fresh, dewy makeup look that gave her a glowing appearance. He knew he shouldn’t be thinking about her, but she was so beautiful. She invaded his thoughts easily, and it was something else about her. He couldn’t seem to help it. He had begun to feel something for her at dinner. It was protocol to leave and guard the outside perimeter when both parties were inside the restaurant, unfortunately, he couldn’t do that because his employer decided to show up almost an hour late. He had to watch her be brave and sit in that sheer dress in front of all those rich, stiff shirts and grin and pretend she wasn’t humiliated. He had to commend her for her strength. It only made his attraction grow for her, and he knew his budding feelings for her would be bad for business. He would have to keep a lid on it and call it a fantasy. He needed an attainable woman, he told himself.
It had been years since he’d properly bedded one. Once he did he wouldn’t think about her so much....

4 April
Jessica G.Rabbit
Smashwords, Inc.

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