Hand splinting / Orthotic intervention Hand splinting / Orthotic intervention

Hand splinting / Orthotic intervention

Principles of design and fabrication

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Hand splinting/orthotic fabrication is a vital intervention used by occupational and physiotherapists to restore optimum hand function in patients/clients whose upper limbs have been affected by congenital conditions, disease or trauma.

This practical book, designed for therapists and students approaches hand splinting/orthotic fabrication from the perspective of the purpose of the intervention. Detailed information describes how orthoses can immobilize tissues to achieve healing or functional objectives, mobilize tissues to restore joint motion, and restrict tissues to gain function.

Armed with knowledge of orthosis function and purpose, and practical procedures and techniques, hand and upper limb therapists will be able to fabricate orthoses for a wide range of diagnoses.

Features of this book include:

 - Over 150 illustrations of orthoses and patterns.

 - Comprehensive index listing orthoses by region/joint and purpose of intervention - immobilization, mobilization, restriction and torque transmission.

 - Elbow, forearm, wrist, finger and thumb chapters with a consistent easy to follow approach to orthotic intervention options, highlighting anatomical principles and latest literature.

 - Biomechanical, technical and practical information essential to design and fabrication of upper limb orthoses.

 - Emphasis on clinical reasoning and patient/client contribution in orthotic intervention.

 - Detailed illustrations and pattern descriptions of all orthoses.

 - Step by step instructions for orthosis fabrication.

 - Specific chapter on orthotic and casting interventions for neurological dysfunction addressing current literature, classification of hand deformity and dysfunction, and intervention options.

 - Use of nomenclature consistent with the Australian Hand Therapy Association Splint/Orthosis Classification.


JUDITH WILTON MSc, PGradDipHthSc, BAppSc(OT) has worked in upper limb rehabilitation as a clincal practitioner and acaedemic since graduating as an occupational therapist over 35 years ago. She currently works in hand therapy private practice, and consults to numerous organisations providing services to clients with neurological disabilities.

Judith was a member of faculty of Curtin University’s School of Occupational Therapy for over 20 years teaching undergraduate and post graduate courses. She established the first Australian university based postgraduate hand and upper limb rehabilitation programme for occupational therapists and physiotherapists. She has published numerous journal articles and presented many courses and workshops on hand therapy and orthotic fabricaton across Australia and internationally.

Judith is an active member of Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA) holding numerous executive committee positions including national president. She is responsible for the development and continued presentation of courses on Hand and Upper Limb Orthotic Fabrication conducted by AHTA across Australia. She was awarded life membership of AHTA in 2002.

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