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Publisher Description

This handbook is intended as an educational aid. It presents electrical systems available on a powerboat and explains how different systems and modules relate to each other. Subject material for the handbook is an outcome of the author’s own experiences plus questions and advice received from others. Electrical system on a powerboat comprises many modules and switches to handle both DC (Direct Current) and AC (Alternating Current) electricity. Most novice powerboat owners imagine that familiarity with a car engine would be sufficient for their understanding of the electrical systems in a powerboat. Soon, they may become overwhelmed by the fact that most of a powerboat’s electrical modules are new to them and many modules do not even have counterparts in a car. In many cases new owners may end up not acquiring the knowledge necessary for their understanding of the workings of the electrical systems on their boat.

This handbook is intended to bring new as well existing powerboat owners who do not have the knowledge to understand the workings of the electrical systems on their powerboat to a skill level so they can use their boat’s electrical systems properly and safely. Furthermore, by showing what type of systems and modules may be available, this handbook enables the reader to consider various alternatives when adding or making changes to the existing electrical systems on their powerboat. Topics covered in the handbook include Direct Current and Alternating Current Electricity, batteries, battery charging, switches used in battery circuits, battery isolator, generator, transformer, inverter, galvanic corrosion, sacrificial anodes, isolation transformer, electrical cables, connectors, switches and introduction to LED lighting.

The goal of this handbook is to equip the reader with necessary knowledge and understanding so they may become involved with the electrical systems on their powerboat to use them safely and in full plus add or modify existing electrical systems so they serve their needs better.

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10 January
Louise Humphrey