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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a marksman is someone skilled at shooting at a mark or target. This is a book for hand-gunners who want to be marksmen.

Handgun Marksmanship is a learner’s guide to shooting straight and hitting what you aim at. Each chapter is a separate lesson designed to achieve clear instructional goals. Topics are explained in clear, aw-shucks language. Step-by-step instruction makes it easy to grasp material quickly. Key points are reinforced with practical exercises.

As you progress through the book, you will learn to:

* Choose and use a target for marksmanship training.

* Assess mechanical accuracy of your gun and ammo.

* Set a good training goal, based on gun, ammo, and shooter skill.

* Identify the grip and stance that work best for you.

* Translate dry-fire practice to improved performance on the range.

* Measure shooting accuracy and precision objectively.

* Diagnose flaws in technique, based on bullet-hole patterns.

* Test corrective strategies to solve performance problems.

Each lesson is geared toward skill development and continuous improvement. By the end of the book, you should be able to hit 80% bullseyes (4 shots out of 5) from a distance of 7 yards. If you think this is easy, try it. This is a significant achievement with a handgun, beyond the skills of most shooters. But, with a little bit of the right training, it is well within your grasp.

There is nothing hard about developing handgun marksmanship skills. But there are a few moving parts. This book focuses on the most important parts, so you can quickly acquire the skills you need to hit the bullseye (almost) every time.

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3 October
Harvey Berman
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