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A man craves revenge against a young woman but indirectly uses his enormous canine that ultimately wants to kill her. Which one survives?
EXCERPT: "Feeling safe because he’s tied with what looks like large-scale dungeon chain, I gently set the bowl down a distance away. In my downward view, he grew exorbitantly since last year. And even though he exhibits definitive markings of a Dalmatian, he's much too large for one. A possible mixed breed but mixed with what, a Great Dane? I stare at his muscular upper torso and enormous upper legs ―his neck equals the size of some peoples’ waists. While he slowly raises his head to meet mine, his aura emits mistrust with wide open eyes that immediately minimize to a slit which he maintains. Speaking sweetly to him, I see something piercingly intimidating . . . something malicious . . . something sinister lurks in that hideous stare. My face conveys not-to-be-mistaken fear while my body stands motionless. With prey drive excited, he gently rises up on all fours, takes his time as if I'll be an easy seize. He blows out a deep, stern growl then ―his lunge! Petting him ceases as an option. Opening his jaws to bite, trips my instinct to sprint. I run like never before! I break my own record while trying to stay out of his reach. The cement lends my new tennis shoes some much needed traction. Hannibal’s clamoring chain looks bold enough to hold an infuriated bull in order. But the chain’s thickness and weight are of no consequence as his motivating force treats it like rope. Hearing the horrific growl behind me, I can only visualize mammoth teeth! His stride has to be at least seven feet; mine stretches only five. He’s gaining on me! I listen to the clank, clank, clank of the nearing, massive chain. That eerie sound thrusts me into a higher gear I did not know I had! Head steady, elbows in, and palms open, I apply the greatest amount of force to the ground, yet I feel hot breath on my backside. A snip to my thigh! ―No!!"

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13 July
Nancy Reil Riojas
Smashwords, Inc.

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