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Enjoy four of Kristianna Sawyer’s fertile erotic romance QuikReads in this collection. They’re the perfect length for lunchtime, the morning commute, or waiting for an appointment. No cliffhangers and always a happy ending.

“Having His Baby” includes:

Loving Lacey: After the untimely death of her parents, Lacey finds comfort with their best friend. Grief brings them together and changes their love into something deeper and more mature. Despite their age difference, she knows she wants to make a family with Gavin, but can she persuade him to ignore his reservations and give her the baby she wants so desperately?

Movie Stars’ Baby: Actress Emily Springer is miserable. Trapped at the mercy of her controlling mother, she turns to costar Landon Hughes for help. The older man is at first reluctant, but soon embraces the idea of rescuing Emily from her situation. All she has to do is seduce Landon, and all he has to do is give her a baby. If they happen to find a happily-ever-after in the process, that’s just a bonus.

David’s Baby: Eighteen-year-old Liv may be a virgin, but she knows what she wants. Ex-Marine David, who is nursing scars from the wound that ended his military career, is just the man to make her a woman. Boys her own age bore Liv, and the fact that he’s sixteen years older just means he’ll have more experience. For David, Liv is temptation itself, but he can’t betray his friend by sleeping with his daughter. He has honorable intentions until Liv tells him the one thing guaranteed to smash his self-control. She wants to have David’s baby…

Ellie’s Gift: Ellie was supposed to spend spring break with her girlfriends, but when she shows up, it’s to find only her friend’s oldest brother in attendance. Cam is standoffish and rude about her presence, making Ellie forget all about the crush she has on the older man. It’s only later, when his walls crumble and she learns how badly his ex-girlfriend betrayed him, that she offers comfort. Ellie can make him feel good, but is she brave enough to fulfill her own yearnings and offer the ultimate gift—her fertile body to nurture the baby he wants so badly?

18 January
Fecund Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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