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Herbalism also has known as Phytotherapy is the age-old technique of using herbs that is plant extracts such as plants, leaves, flowers, buds, roots, stems, bark, liquid, essence, oil, scent, etc. to help cure a particular disease or even something as little as a cold. People have been relying on these natural sources of medicine since before time because they believe that natural substances have fewer side effects as compared to synthetically produced drugs and cure many internal and external sicknesses.

Other than that, herbal medicines stabilize hormones and metabolism. They also initiate natural healing and strengthen the immune system, not only maintaining good health and promoting good, proactive bacteria but also fending off bad bacteria and various deadly viruses that initiate diseases and illnesses.

Herbalism is widely practiced in areas where antibiotics and synthetic medicines are not available, or places where conventional medicine is not affordable. Such as lesser developed areas of Africa and Asia. Other than that, many people realize how antibiotics and synthetic medicines might act faster, but some pose side effects and hence are shifting to herbalism to counter some health issues if not all. Besides, it is always more beneficial to stay closer to nature than depend on synthetic products, bet it drugs even.

Because of these amazing revelations that have come around with time and advancements in science and technology, more and more people are delving into the practice of herbalism and thus want to know how to use herbs, where to get them, which one serves what purpose, etc. And due to this increasing need for people to know more about herbalism, we have written this E-Book.

In this E-book, you can look forward to learning about the following things:
The beginning of HerbalismHow to grow your herbsHome remedies involving the use of herbal medicinesAppropriate dosage when using herbal medicineHerbal treatment approaches by body systemWhat are essential oils, how they work, their different uses and typesSome primary factors and considerations when using herbal medicines and if they pose any side effectsAnd much more!!
This book will make you an expert on herbalism. With all these details and information at the back of your mind, you will be able to take the maximum advantage from this medicinal source naturally available to us and soon be an expert in the art of herbalism. So, what are you waiting for? Come on aboard! Happy Reading!

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24 November
Angela Siegfried
Draft2Digital, LLC