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Jinx and Michael's marriage had grown stale. But, their lives are about to be turned upside down when Jinx's free-spirited college roommate comes to visit. Sparks begin to fly from the very beginning. Michael learns quite a bit about his 'innocent' little wife's past as the two ladies begin to reminisce. The tales of debauchery fueling fantasies for all of them. Very tempting fantasies...

Here's a little hint of what you’ll find inside:

“As dinner time began to roll around, Jinx commented, “I thought we’d have my favorite thing for dinner tonight, reservations. I booked us a table at Luigi’s. We have a 7:00 PM reservation, if anybody wants to change or anything. Actually, that sounded like a good idea all around, so we went our separate ways.

Thankfully, along with the large house in the burbs came lots of bathrooms. I had always let Jinx have the big walk-in closets in the Master and the en suite was all hers. You generally couldn’t find a square inch of available space on the double vanity in there anyway. Women! I used one of the other closets and a close by hall bath. The guest room had a bath of its own for Andi’s use.
I was just leaving the hall bath after my shower, when I was suddenly accosted by Andi running head long into me. She was dressed in just a towel, her long raven hair still wet and hanging down loosely in ringlets around her shoulders. Her bare legs flashing. She looked… Oh, wow. Forget about how hot she looks, Michael. Just try and forget about it. I dare you to try.

I found myself with an almost instantaneous erection as I glanced at her after our collision. Her towel had come a little loose and her right side was bare well above her shapely caramel colored hip. There was even the hint of a tattoo on her exposed abdomen. And, those tits… OMG! I quickly helped her right herself and let her get back on her way. She hollered out, “Sorry, Michael. My fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going. I ran out of conditioner and had to run and borrow some from Jinx.” Then, pausing a moment and looking pointedly back at me with those big brown eyes, she added, “Well… Maybe I’m not too sorry. Rowllll!!””

Fiction & Literature
1 March
Richard Carlisle
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