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In this volume, we have put together papers spanning a broad range — from the area of modeling of strain and misfit dislocation densities, microwave absorption characteristics of nanocomposites, to X-ray diffraction studies.

Specific topics in this volume include:

In summary, papers selected in this volume cover various aspects of high performance logic and circuits for high-speed electronic systems.
Contents: PrefaceModeling and Control of a Multiphase Modular High-Frequency Converter/Inverter for Vehicle Applications (K Ahi)Macromodel of G⁴FET Enabling Fast and Reliable SPICE Simulation for Innovative Circuit Applications (M S Hasan, S Shamsir, S A Shawkat, F Garcia, S K Islam and G S Rose)Multivariate Regression Polynomial: A Versatile and Efficient Method for DC Modeling of Different Transistors (MOSFET, MESFET, HBT, HEMT and G⁴FET) (M S Hasan, S Shamsir, S A Shawkat, F Garcia and S K Islam)A SPICE Model for GaN-Gate Injection Transistor (GIT) at Room Temperature (F Garcia, S Shamsir, S K Islam and L M Tolbert)Perimeter Gated Single Photon Avalanche Diodes in Sub-Micron and Deep-Submicron CMOS Processes (S A Shawkat, M H U Habib, M S Hasan, M A Haque and N McFarlane)A Novel One SWS-FET Transistor for AND/OR Logic Gate (B Saman, E Heller and F C Jain)Multi-State 2-Bit CMOS Logic Using n- and p- Quantum Well Channel Spatial Wavefunction Switched (SWS) FETs (F Jain, B Saman, R H Gudlavalleti, J Chandy and E Heller)Low Pass Filter PUF: Authentication of Printed Circuit Boards Based on Resistor and Capacitor Variations (S E Quadir and J A Chandy)Interaction Length for Dislocations in Compositionally-Graded Heterostructures (M Cai, T Kujofsa, X Chen, M T Islam and J E Ayers)Optimization of Graded Buffer Layers for Metamorphic Semiconductor Devices (T Kujofsa, M Cai, X Chen, M T Islam and J E Ayers)Twin Drain Quantum Well/Quantum Dot Channel Spatial Wave-Function Switched (SWS) FETs for Multi-Valued Logic and Compact DRAMs (H Salama, B Saman, E Heller, R H Gudlavalleti, R Mays and F Jain)A Rapid Method Based on Fluorescence Spectroscopy for Meat Spoilage Detection (B Wu, K Dahlberg, X Gao, J Smith and J Bailin)Optical Biopsy for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy (B Wu, X Gao and J Smith)Fast and Reversible Chemiresistive Sensors for Robust Detection of Organic Vapors Using Oleylamine-Functionalized Palladium Nanoparticles (T Gao, Y Wang, Y Luo, C Zhang, Z Pittman, A Oliveira, H Craig, J Zhao and B G Willis)Threading Dislocations in Metamorphic Semiconductor Buffer Layers Containing Chirped Superlattices (M T Islam, X Chen, T Kujofsa and J E Ayers)
Readership: This volume consists of selected papers from the 27th annual symposium of the Connecticut Microelectronics and Optoelectronics Consortium. Readers interested in the area of modeling of strain and misfit dislocation densities, microwave absorption characteristics of Nanocomposites, and X-ray diffraction.Misfit Dislocation Densities;Nanocomposites;CMOS-SWS Logic;Perimeter Gated Single-Photon Avalanche Diode (PGSPAD)00

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