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History Strange

Women Of War...

Lucid Ash

History War And More…

Give a The Fuhrer A Child, A Cure For The Common War, We Raise The Dead, Women Of The American Civil War, A Look Back At Melbourne's Historic Ghosts And The Yarra, The Russian All-Female Battalion Of Death, etc…

History War And More…


The Women of Hitler! – Atrocities To One Side. New Laws, New Policies. Right Wing Win?

When Adolf Hitler came to power what actions and policies toward the German women did the Nazis implement and how did these effect their lives?

A desire for rebirth was strong in Germany. It was a common belief that the existing systems were failing and a new kind of society was needed desperately, and this was 'Fascism in Germany' which was also known as National Socialism…

New Illuminati, New World Order And The Earth Conspiracy?

Whether it's controlling world affairs through conspiring and masterminding, the lurking in the shadows of the Illuminati have been linked with big corporation and big government to maintain or to achieve their ultimate ulterior motives – (Covert) New World Order – Or More…

The Russian All-Female 'Battalion Of Death'! – And What Historical Impact Did They Have?   

World War I and the Ever Sinking Morale Of The Male Russian Soldier saw a new incentive – to raise morale of the sunken-heart and even 'shame' many male 'potential' soldiers into joining the fight!

A Battalion Of Female Soldiers were banded together to create new inspiration for 'Mother Country'. This group of women would be known as – 'The Battalion Of Death'. Although many women were already trying to sign up and fight in an official capacity, until now mainly refused/ignored. The government of this time latched onto this notion and reasoned – this would be perfect for raising enthusiasm in the low morale of the Russian (Male) Soldier. Great potential new spin for the propaganda mill on many levels and not much of a shortage of willing women to fill these shoes…

"Somehow you seem to know exactly what I'm thinking on. Your writings are always directly correlated to my daily experiences. Interesting to say the least" NealHanson

"This is so magical" RiseMyVibe

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28 May
Lucid Ash
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