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Every year thousands of thoroughbred ex race horses, often referred to as OTTB, (off the track thoroughbreds) retire from the racing industry, their future uncertain. Many well-meaning horse enthusiasts seek to take these horses and retrain them for sport and recreational purposes. This book takes the accumulated experience and knowledge of horse trainer Scott Brodie—manager of the New South Wales Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust, re-trainer of hundreds of ex racehorses—and allows the novice trainer to tap into this valuable source of information previously unattainable for the average horse enthusiast. 

Brodie has a generously empathetic philosophy to handling horses and a unique spin on the retraining of retired racehorses. Utilising a surprisingly smooth synergy of natural horsemanship and the practical application of classical dressage, Brodie’s systematic approach to this often difficult and dangerous endeavour ensures the smoothest and fairest transition for the horse from racing machine to pleasurable riding partner.

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25 May
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Customer Reviews

Jac 09 ,

Brilliant resource for retraining an ex-racer

I bought this book to assist me with retraining my ex-racer who I bought on the day he had his last race.
It was the first time I had attempted retraining something from scratch and the book was invaluable!
Through using Scotts, step by step guide, I was able to establish the basic fundamentals to allow my horse to easily step into his new all rounder/ eventing life. I also feel his process allowed me to build a really strong, trusting relationship with my horse from the beginning.
My horse and I are now training elementary dressage, he's jumped 1m for the first time & on his first non-race outing he even handled XC jumping like a pro.
This book was the best resource I could have found - highly recommend.
Thanks Scott!
- Jerry

Silly Jazzee ,

Informative and well written

Best training book I have read in a long time. A must read, thank you Scott for putting in writing you valuable years of professional wisdom, observations and advice. Looking forward to your next one.

Nicblue ,

This book is a serious resource and guide for someone considering the difficult task of rehabilitati

This book is a serious resource and guide for someone considering the difficult task of rehabilitating an ex racehorse. Of course, the sound and straight forward information contained in this book is suitable for any horse and rider that wishes to develop their horse's body and train or retrain their horses mindset (so the horse knows what is expected of them before the rider hops on their back and hopes for the best). Scott uses a combination of natural horsemanship and classical dressage in his techniques which he shares in this practical, concise, step by step, easy read. This book is made especially entertaining with past tales and experiences from many horses and stories of Scott's colourful and successful career.