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Billionaire Banker Meets A Helpless Damsel In Distress

She's in a financial woes...
He's haunted by impotency dilemma...
She's desperate to raise money...
He badly needs a cure and an heir...
They're the answer to each other's predicament.
Together, they signed a contract.
She'll be his wife and baby momma in exchange for a large chunk of money.
They'd ironed out their conditions.
Everything was neatly pre-arranged.
Until love came in the picture
and f****d up their lives.

Book 1 of The Hottie Billionaires Series: Romancing A Banking Magnate (The Billionaire Meets The Damsel In Distress)

Xavier Yuchengco - billionaire extraordinaire, gorgeous CEO of UNB, untamed and elusive as a bull, was at the height of his success, and was having the time of his life when suddenly hit by a mid-life crisis. He just woke up one day without the usual morning erection, and things escalated quickly. To his utter horror, he lost his usual vigor to bang even the hottest woman on Earth. Thus, putting a bitter end to his womanizing ways. He was a perennial playboy, and suffering from impotence was a hardcore karma to him. And his dreaded problem became worse when his ailing mother started to emotionally blackmail him and pressure him to settle down and produce an heir before she'll be kissed by death.

Desperate to find cure to his epic erectile problem and grant his mother's wish, he paid a one whole page ad in the Daily Newspaper that reads: BANKING MAGNATE, LOOKING FOR A WIFE TO BEAR HIM AN HEIR. ONLY LOVELY, HOT WOMEN WITH MATERNAL INSTINCTS NEED APPLY. Absurd idea, yeah, he knew that, but desperate problems call for desperate measures, too.

But his desperate stint seemed a messy failure when all of the hot, lovely women who poured at his doorstep to apply to his ad did not do a thing to excite his still sleeping junior. He was ready to ditch the idea and seek medical help when a last minute applicant popped in his office, and took his breath away. And for just a split second, he was sporting the hardest b***r he ever had in his life.

Just when he thought that his life was back on track, things made a drastic turn.

26 August
Sharon Rose
Smashwords, Inc.

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