How To Grow Plumeria: Frangipani Anytime Anywhere! How To Grow Plumeria: Frangipani Anytime Anywhere!

How To Grow Plumeria: Frangipani Anytime Anywhere‪!‬

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How To Grow Plumeria – Frangipani Anytime Anywhere! is the first of its kind step-by-step plumeria care book. Bob Walsh, the author, takes the gardener by the hand and guides him/her from planting his/her plumeria cuttings, plumeria plants and plumeria seeds to enjoying beautiful plumeria flowers, and far beyond.

The author provides the reader with the history of plumerias. He lists plumeria flowers by their proper names, colors and the geographical local names in their native language.

Based on his ten-plus years’ experience of growing plumerias he takes both the newbie and the veteran seasoned gardener through the step-by-step process outlined in a very easy to follow approach with pictures and explanations. The author provides solid information on how to begin plumeria care from the time the plumeria cuttings, plants, or seeds arrive at the gardener’s front door right through their beautiful flowers both indoors and outdoors.

He discusses in detail all the important issues that gardeners face, including watering, fertilizing, foliar feeding, plant lights for indoor growing and flowering, pruning, root pruning, disease control, insect control and companion planting. Though the main focus of the book is plumerias, it can easily be applied to other members of the Apocynaceae family of plants, including Adeniums. Much of the information pertaining to growing plants indoors and in containers can readily be applied to many other plants as well. The author also includes a list of reputable retailers within the United States.

For serious plumeria gardeners Bob Walsh includes, as a bonus, history recording forms for plumerias started from cuttings, plants and seeds which gardeners can use to document the progress of their plumerias. These forms are also very helpful to record the progress of any plant. By using these history recording forms the gardener is able to compare data of different stages of his/her plants' development. And, if needed, this compiled and recorded information makes it easy to register their homegrown newly named plumeria plants with the Plumeria Society of America.

Initially this informative plumeria care book was intended for gardeners in temperate climate zones. But since its publication it has proven to guide gardeners worldwide, including in subtropical and tropical climates, to grow plumerias successfully with some of them calling the book their “Plumeria Bible”.

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19 April
Bob Walsh
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