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Have you been trying to lose that stubborn fat around the waist to no avail? It is (indeed) the first and last place we tend lose weight, unfortunately. Therefore, we must take a different approach to losing waistline pounds. We need to realize it's a sign that we haven't quite lost enough body weight overall for the waist to have a chance to disappear.

Hi, my name is Emma Green and I'm the author of "How I lost 100 Pounds!" And over the last two years I've gone through a dramatic change, and completely changed my life. I did this with purpose-driven nutrition and lifestyle changes that have not only shed the weight away, but also led me to enjoy my life once again, and in a way that I never thought possible.

I'm here to share with you some of my secrets about how I lost over 100 pounds, and eventually, that tricky waistline!

In this book we will go over:

Exercise and why you struggle, and how that by doing less you are actually doing more, and how the mainstream will have you believing the total opposite, which is BS.
An amazing method of losing weight and keeping it off for good, with one amazing lifestyle change which is super-simple to do.
Foods and drinks to be avoided that you would have never realized are hindering your success and progress.
A secret Chinese herb that has been used for thousands of years; reported to be the big reason for Chinese tight, slim, and trim bodies.
And so very-much more!

Grab your copy now, and then you can say goodbye to that belly once and for all! I did, and I feel absolutely amazing!

Body, Mind & Spirit
29 January
Emma Green
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Customer Reviews

Jolzii ,

Read with caution.

I don’t usually write reviews at all but seeing this book hasn’t been rated at all and there may be people out there reading it with hope, I have to say something. Speaking as someone with a biomedical science degree that majored in nutrition…there’s quite a lot wrong or not fully accurate with this free little book (for example, she mixes up visceral fat with subcutaneous fat and writes that subcut fat is worse when visceral fat is more dangerous one. Another point she makes is chrysanthemum tea provides you with plenty of vitamin A and amino acids and that is so ridiculous my brain hurts. If you do a simple google search, articles will back this up because it’s a yellow flower so has betacerotenes but the amount of vitamin A from a glass of tea is minimal, you’re better off chomping on a carrot). So I would definitely read it with more than a pinch of salt and PLEASE do your own genuine research (not just google, wikipidia or health/livewell type websites). That said, this book does offer some good tips as a starting point if you’re just getting into losing weight.

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