How to Make Tennis Simple

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Publisher Description

How to Make Tennis Simple is a to-the-point tennis instruction roadmap for beginners. Too often beginners quit tennis because it can be frustrating, complicated, overwhelming, and not fun at all. This book makes tennis crystal clear and simple so everyone can understand it.

You will learn how to hit the ball, how to play the game, how to practise, and how to score. There are clear pictures, short videos, and diagrams. There is no extra distracting information. You will learn exactly what you need, in the right order, to give you a strong, confident start in your tennis journey. This is your proven path distilled from decades of knowledge. John McManus is a world-class Australian coaching legend who lives in Canada. His experience covers the spectrum from the top of the game (coaching the #4 ATP ranked doubles team in the world, Canadian Davis Cup and National Coach, and working with 155 Canadian national champions across junior, open, and senior age categories) to everyday tennis enthusiasts. Colin McAlpin is one of his many students and also a coach. Together we have packaged this information to share with you. We thought it would be a real shame for John’s gift of making tennis simple to just vanish with him when he retires. We’re coaches and we love teaching it. Now you have it.

All tennis players have been beginners. The idea is to be a beginner for the minimum amount of time. The promise is: Get Better. Have Fun. Play for Life. This book can help you to accelerate your learning and to multiple your fun. Enjoy it.

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1 June
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