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“If You Are Thinking About Hiring a CCTV Installer or Buying a System for Your Home, Then You Need to Buy My Ebook Report. GUARANTEED.”

My name is JK and I have been involved in the CCTV business since July 2003. I began working for a small company in Mansfield, OH and I have installed CCTV systems all over Ohio, parts of Indiana, North Carolina and northern Florida. I’ve worked with Laundromats, retailers, recycling/trash collection companies, bars and nightclubs, c-stores, gas stations, car washes, car lots, trucking companies, water treatment plants, restaurants, hi-rise condos, factories, the local BMV...you name it.

One of the biggest issues I’ve found is that MOST people-consumers, small business owners, managers, law enforcement, CEOs, Loss Prevention Personnel and homeowners-have NO IDEA what the difference between a good, great or junk video security system really is.

Another major problem with most video security products today is that you can buy them everywhere and they’re cheap. So, everybody sees these low-cost “CCTV systems in a box” at Lowe’s or Sam’s or on Ebay and think these systems will do the job.

My ebook report will show you how to buy the right system or hire the right installer to do the job.

Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Discover with My Ebook:

•the 7 simple, easy steps to tell if a company is right for you
•the 5 most important CCTV formats you NEED to know so you get the latest hi-def technology (and not get ripped off on some old, outdated crap)
•you’ll learn how to save THOUSANDS of dollars, lots of time, headaches and stress
•a special chapter titled “MYTHS” that explains why you’re so interested in that low cost system and why you need to STAY AWAY from it (NOBODY knows about this)
•the 6 criteria or elements that absolutely, positively must be met before you invest in any CCTV system or installer (actual in-the-field experience, outstanding R&D investment, warranties and guarantees, tech support, personal investment in your success and safety, set-up and programming).

Skeptical? A Few Possible Reasons That Might Hold You Back

“Why should I buy your ebook report you when there are others I could buy?”

Yep, this is true. But, how many have over 12 years of real world experience stopping crime and catching crooks, how many have seen the crap that dirty CCTV companies pull and how many know the real deal on how these low-price companies are able to sell so low (I have a whole chapter dedicated to this)?

“So what? I don’t need your report. I can get this done from that guy real cheap.”

Yep, you can have “that guy” install a system for you. But without my ebook report you won’t know if you're getting a hi-def, long lasting, easy-to-use DVR, cameras, cable, accessories, a QUALITY guarantee, U.S. email, phone support and firmware updates, set-up, programming, training and no hidden fees or charges, etc. My report will tell you how to do ALL of this.

"Why should I trust someone I've just met here on a web site, for the first time?"

I can't blame you. I'm afraid there are a lot of “self-invented yesterday” pretend CCTV experts all over Amazon like flies all over a manure-rich pasture. This gives honest people offering useful information they believe in a bad name. After all, anybody can slop together an ebook, right? Well, I am VERY real. If you want to hire an installer or buy a system and could really use a true friend who understands your needs and concern and makes sure you are armed with quality info to make the best decision possible, then order your report now.


19 August
John K David
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