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"I believe that this book was Divinely channeled so that those who are about to give up on love open their hearts one more time and experience the pure joy of giving love with no other agenda; those who are about to give up on their brothers and sisters open their eyes one more time and see the spark of good that is in everyone; and those who are about to give up on God look for the grace one more time and find that just on the other side of the darkness, the light is waiting to embrace them. Thank you Temba for being such an open vessel for God to work through."

-Debra Poneman, founder and president Yes to Success, Inc., bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul

"Temba Spirit reminds all of us in his deeply moving book, How to-Reclaim Your Innocence : Remembering the Love-Beauty Within, that none of us exist in isolation - that each of us are intimately connected to one another, and that with that connection there is an unspoken responsibility to take our life's lessons, no matter how dark or how painful, and transform them into the gift that they are meant to be. Congratulations Temba! You have gone deep into the recesses of your own soul to remind us that we live in a benevolent universe. That everything is always working 'for us' not 'against us.' Through your transparency you have reminded us again that the greatest power in the universe lies within our own heart and when we decide to be the love that we are, anything is possible."

-Janet Bray Attwood - New York Times Bestseller - Co/author of The Passion Test - The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose

"A powerful and poignant message - deep and timely. In How To Reclaim Your Innocence: Remembering The Love Beauty Within, Temba Spirit shares the importance of honoring and loving ourselves as well as those around us every day. He captures the essence of our gentle spirits when we are born and the crucial need to continue to live in this type of love consistently. When we examine and share love, like Temba shows us how to do here, we actively create abundance for ourselves and those around us."

~ Shajen Joy Aziz, M.Ed. Co-author of Discover The Gift ~ It's Why We're Here

"Temba Spirit graces us with a vital reminder of that place within us that has never been nor can ever be hurt, harmed, or endangered-the perpetual innocence of our inner spirit. He adds the good news that it is just as accessible to us today through the spiritual practices of meditation, introspection, compassion, and unconditional love as it was when we were children."

-Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning

"Temba gives voice to every soul that has been victimized by life's circumstances, and truly models a courage to move beyond that victim consciousness into the true empowerment that can only come from a willingness to forgive. He inspires each of us to honor the bullet of mistrust lodged in our own heart and to build our own platform of compassion needed to find our way back to the child within us who holds our faith, hope, love and trust."

Cathryn Taylor, MA, MFT, LADC

Author of the best selling Inner Child Workbook

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3 August
Temba Spirit
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