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This book will give you inside secret tips for supercharging your call centre career and increasing your income.

How to Survive (& Thrive) in a Call Centre is a comprehensive, solution filled resource designed to improve the careers of call centre agents. Think your call centre job is going nowhere? This book will show you how to recast the dead-end into a satisfying, financially sound career pathway.

Alison Mathiebe is the trainer, the award-winning call centre manager and the success story. She provides stable, sensible solutions for call centre agents with the calming voice of a mentor. She will show you:

• How to reduce stress
• How to contribute to the call centre’s success
• How to provide outstanding customer service
• How to increase sales results and maximise bonus opportunities
• How to improve your overall performance
• How to advance your career

When Alison completed university she dreamed of working in a museum, but she had to survive. While she waited to land the coveted position in a museum, she took a job in a call centre and designed a career. Her success documents accepting a stop-gap job and carving a future in a sustainable field with more promise than she ever imagined. Whether you are looking for work or are an experienced call centre professional, this book holds the key to your call centre success.

In How to Survive (& Thrive) in a Call Centre, Alison Mathiebe demonstrates the power of the call centre agent as a team member and a problem-solver. Through Alison, access the personal pride in succeeding in a traditional role with a non-traditional work-flow. Alison Mathiebe is the one mentor to catapult you into career success and financial gain.

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25 August
Alison Mathiebe
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Customer Reviews

Bishuuubs ,

A must have!!! By Heidi McPhee

I have worked several years in a call centre and to be completely honest it takes tenacity to be a happy and successful call centre agent. This book, by Alison Mathiebe is a great tool for those who find themselves fighting a losing battle in the call centre, not only will you find the secrets to achieving great results but you will also understand and appreciate the value of attaining the 'gift of the gab' so to speak. Working in a call centre is a challenge for most, so learning how to answer all those negative questions with fast, persuasive and witty responses is as easy as having 'How to Survive (& Thrive) in a Call Centre' at your finger tips!

B - April 2016 ,

Don't put this one on hold!

Absolutely loved this book. Straight forward and easy to read, it really does have a lot of helpful tips on succeeding in a call centre environment (some of which may even make you giggle).

How to Survive (&) Thrive has an upbeat and empowering tone throughout. I'd never considered my call centre job as a possible 'career' before, but I'm feeling good about the possibility after reading this book, which also acts as a road map to such an outcome.

If you're looking for a call centre specific career guide, you've found it.

hanesau ,

Credible & Practical!

As the intro suggests... this book comes with the calming voice of a mentor! This epitomises the tone of the book as well as the author's own kind-natured humanistic approach in managing, coaching and mentoring others. Alison's work is easy to read, thoughtful, poignant and very relevant to not only call centre workers, but generally to customer service and retail staff alike! I personally worked with Alison in the early 90's when she was first carving her way through those early call centres and telemarketing centres and I recall the struggles and the successes endured along the way. I don't think there is anyone more credible and insightful as Alison, to be able to draw on her vast experience, creating this helpful guide to assist others with their call centre careers regardless of experience. Highly recommended