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A powerful antidote to the stresses of modern life, yoga is a practical philosophy that aims at uniting the body, mind and spirit for health and fulfilment. With over 300,000 copies in print, this book clearly explains and demystifies the art of yoga, making it accessible to everyone who would like to start at home, safely and effectively.
It will show you how to achieve a fit and supple body through the practice of postures (asanas). Easy-to-follow and specially chosen for beginners, these work on all the body systems, toning the muscles, stimulating the circulation and improving overall health.
The first part, Towards Physical Well-Being, presents a carefully chosen selection of 41 postures and variants, which can be attempted by beginners of all ages. Principal techniques are shown at every stage, so that the postures can easily followed by everyone. The following section, Towards Mental Peace, introduces simple techniques for breath awareness and control.
The second part, A Ten-Week Course, presents a unique course for beginners, specially devised by the author for this book - a ten-week sequence of postures and preparatory breath control techniques, with a photographic summary for each week for instant visual reference.
The book also includes a section on postures helpful for common problems, such as headaches, stiffness, pain in the neck and shoulders, backache and stiffness of the hips, as well as a special programme suitable during menstruation.
The author, Mira Mehta, MA MPhil, has studied yoga under BKS Iyengar since childhood and holds an advanced teaching qualification in the Iyengar Method. She has her own yoga school in London, The Yogic Path, and is co-author of Yoga: The Iyengar Way.

Body, Mind & Spirit
17 January
Joanna Lorenz
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