Hucow Honeymoon: An Erotic Milking Box Set

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Publisher Description

Sophie's got a sweet, creamy surprise in store for her. Since she was totally innocent and untouched when she got married, Sophie's brand new husband is taking her on the honeymoon of her dreams! The very first night, she's a little confused when her breasts start filling up and leaking cream, but her husband is so thirsty, she doesn't mind. Over the next couple of days, he introduces her to the life of a milkmaid - including taking on multiple men at once, in every hole - while her husband watches!

Hucow Honeymoon 1: The Creamery

Innocent Sophie just got married, and she and her new husband James are on their honeymoon. He planned the whole thing, so she doesn't know she's going to the Oceanside Resort and Creamery until she gets there.

She's nervous for her first time, but she takes a bubble bath to relax and get in the mood - but then she realizes that her breasts are getting bigger and filling up!

Sophie doesn't know what to do until James comes back - and it turns out he loves cream. Can she handle a creamy, unprotected first time?

Hucow Honeymoon 2: The Dairy Wife

It's Sophie's second day as a newlywed, and she's on her honeymoon with brand new husband James at the Oceanside Resort and Creamery. After a nice, relaxing massage at the spa, they go take a cheese making class - but once they're inside, Sophie realizes that her breasts are expanding and filling up!

She begs James to let her go back to the room so the sexy, rugged farmhands won't see - but instead, he suggests that she take them on while he watches!

Will sweet, innocent Sophie feed her cream to three men at once, or is this honeymoon short-lived?

Hucow Honeymoon 3: Cream for Cowboys

Newlyweds Sophie and James are going out to a steakhouse tonight. Sophie's nervous, though - her breasts are filling up and getting bigger again, and what if there's no one to help her relieve the pressure?

Luckily, just as Sophie thinks she might burst, the owners of the steakhouse show up: three strong, strapping cowboys - and they're thirsty.

Not only do they want Sophie's cream, they want to show her back door pleasures - while her husband watches!

Can innocent Sophie take three men in her rear entrance, or will this be too much for the new wife?

Hucow Honeymoon 4: Cream by the Pool

Sophie's new husband has a surprise in store for her.

Even though she was totally innocent when she got married, Sophie has had a wild honeymoon - and there's only one day left!

James promises her a surprise, and won't tell her what it is. But when her breasts start swelling, getting totally engorged, she's got a pretty good idea.

What she wasn't expecting was for the two cabana waiters to love cream as well - or for her honeymoon to end with her getting double penetrated and filled in every hole!

Fiction & Literature
19 August
Lucy Leche
Draft2Digital, LLC

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