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This bundle contains books 4 - 6 of the Hunter Elite Series:

Hunting For Death:

The Hunter Elite will face a deadly foe when they are sent to Scotland, but they have more problems than just their latest mission. If Connor's kin learn about his forbidden relationship with a vampire, it could end in disaster for them both.

Ever wily, Spencer has sent his team overseas for more than just one mission. He also wants them to investigate the witch that he imprisoned so long ago. If Morgwen truly has escaped from her prison, they will have a common enemy to battle.

Ari's power as a witch is growing, but it draws danger to her in an unusual form that she could never have anticipated. A magical object attaches itself to her in the Scottish Archives. It is one she can't shake and one she senses will change things for the worse.

Hunting A Thief:

Following Spencer's orders, the Hunter Elite heads to London. While Roderick searches the Archives for a way to imprison or kill Morgwen, the hunters seek a spell book. It could hold the key to break Ari free from the hold Von Hades has over her. In order to secure the book, she will have to perform a difficult task for its owner.

Once again, someone infiltrates the London Archives and steals an important artefact. When they hunt down the thief, they will discover that their troubles are about to become far worse. The items the burglar has taken will serve a dire purpose that will endanger them all.

Morgwen has taken refuge in a place that holds bad memories and dread for Connor. After being banished from the shifter community for taking a vampire as his mate, returning to Scotland will be fraught with danger. Knowing how dangerous the witch will become if she isn't stopped, the Hunter Elite will do whatever it takes to end her.

Hunting A Necromancer:

The team returns home from London and are drawn into another mission straight away. Quin has to face her father who rejected her so long ago for being defective. She will have to put aside her hurt and focus on finding a bunch of missing kids before it becomes too late to save them.

Quin isn't the only one who has to face an unpleasant past. Ari also takes a trip down memory lane when they are sent to find and eradicate a rogue necromancer. She encounters a new threat during the mission that warns of danger to come.

They have another run-in with the assassins that have been hunting them and everything is about to change. Ari's worst fears are realized as she has to make a choice between saving herself and saving the people she loves. No matter her decision, nothing will ever be quite the same again in the Hunter Elite.

10 June
Seize The Night Agency
Draft2Digital, LLC

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