I Am Anxiety

A Step-By-Step Guide to Anxiety Recovery

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Publisher Description

There are lots of books about anxiety. Most of them are written by medical professionals like psychiatrists and psychologists, with lots of great information on the latest tools and techniques to beat anxiety. There aren't, however, many books written by people who have actually suffered from anxiety - and recovered. People who actually know what it feels like to be haunted by strange and terrifying thoughts and feelings day after day.

David McLaughlin has transferred his knowledge and experience into this book, which is designed to help others recover. By helping sufferers understand how stress and anxiety work and what they do to the brain and body, the book helps them break the never-ending cycle of worry and fear that keeps them stuck. David provides the reader with a step-by-step guide to recovery, in a practical and easy to follow way.

Body, Mind & Spirit
1 October
Hybrid Publishers
Ebook Alchemy Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

muzekez ,

Tame that amygdala!

We anxiety sufferers are always looking for the magical instant cure ... that just doesn’t exist. David has written a practical guide, in an easy to read conversational style that will speak to anyone currently suffering and offer real hope that there is a way out of the anxiety cycle. It will take time and commitment, but David writes in such a way that you can feel confident that, just like him, you will get your life back.
It’s all about learning to tame that hyperactive amygdala!!

BOC1111 ,

I Am Anxiety

An honest simple approach to anxiety and how to navigate it by overcoming fear of it. I loved the use of repetition to ensure readers understood in simple terms what is going on within the body when experiencing anxiety and how fear of anxiety symptoms only fuels the issue. David has mastered conveying his message to his audience. A must read for anyone who is experiencing anxiety.

kiralyno ,

This is the medicine we need. Grateful

Just brilliant. Everyone needs a copy it is medicine this is all we need. It explains everything and so true about second fear. Through my learning and reading I am so much more committed to accept this journey thank you fir explaining the cortisol and Adrenalin hormone. Live with fear and negative thinking I didn’t know it could do this. So now to turn it around. Acceptance and no fear.

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