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Each year, a staggering quarter of a million loved-up Brits tie the knot here in the UK, and a further 80,000 elope abroad to do just the same.
That means in the next twelve months, well over 150,000 nervous brides will start counting down the days - and the calories - until they make that special journey to the altar.

Over two thirds of brides set out to lose weight before the big day (in recent months this has leapt to an astonishing 83% - in no small part, down to certain Royal nuptials!) and the goal set for the majority of those shedding for the wedding is an ambitious 23lbs.

Yet in reality, most brides average out at a more modest 7lbs of weight lost by the time they tread more lightly down the aisle.

If, like me, you're one of those brides-to-be who has often tried and failed to lose and keep weight off, then this personal, diary-style account of how I lost 28 lbs to become a honeymoon hottie, could be the plan for you!

Think of this e-Book as a 'chief bridesmaid' pocket companion - an essential, quick and handy guide to looking and feeling your best on your big day in as little as FOUR weeks.

And much like any great maid of honour, this short guide is designed to offer fast and effective advice on the basics of organizing yourself and your wedding day, delivered in a supportive but no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point fashion.

Inside you'll be amazed to discover:

How I dropped 28 lbs to fit into my size 8 princess gown.

How to lose weight, forever, by eating more often than ever.

How a simple ice cube could get you the dress of your dreams.

How losing weight can help you pay for your wedding.

How eating ice cream can help you achieve your fantasy figure.

How a child's toy can vanquish your muffin top.

How to feel fitter without even breaking a sweat.

How chewing gum could drop you a dress size.

How your engagement finger can help you beat wrinkles and achieve flawless skin.

A fortnight of evening meals under 400 calories.

A FREE guide to Wallet-friendly Weddings - essential mini-tips on cutting the cost of your big day…

A FREE sample wedding budget planner.

Plus, essential diary-style reminders to help you organize your big day.

It's time to start shedding for the wedding, so you can say yes to that dress!!!

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30 December
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