I Had Such Friends

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Publisher Description

Reminiscently capturing the warm and raw voices of Charlie Kelmeckis from The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Clay Jensen from Thirteen Reasons Why, I Had Such Friends is an important story about self-discovery, grief and finding your voice.

When Charlie Parker, the most popular boy in school, dies it affects everyone who knew him. Everyone, that is, except for Hamish Day, the boy with only one friend, who lives on a cabbage farm.

After the tragic car accident leaves his school in grief, Hamish finds himself pulled into the lives of the people left behind. He tries his best to thread them back together again, even though he is pretty sure he’s the least qualified person for the job. As new friendships chip away at his quiet façade, Hamish is forced to face the traumas of his own past, as well as the person he is becoming.

Set in rural Australia, I Had Such Friends is a powerful Australian YA debut that deals with the delicate themes of unrequited love, abuse, neglect, sexuality, bullying, prejudice, death and suicide.

Young Adults
28 July
Pantera Press
Perseus Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

Pinkpanther04 ,

An Aussie gay classic

I had such friends is one of the best mlm young adult books I’ve ever read. The plot surprises you over and over, and the depth that it goes into is truly satisfying. There’s love, friendship, family and romance, which is balanced out by the dark topics and hardships faced by everyone. Truly worth it.

_nicolelowe ,

Waste of Time

The writing style, the plot, the characters, all bad. This book could have been done so much better by another writer. Felt so forced and the ending was terrible. No time I disgust or any feeling towards what happened. Do yourself a favour and don’t buy this

MariahM94 ,

Average simple reading

I feel conflicted about this book. While the ending was some what redeeming and the book finally ramps up and has some semblance of a plot that centres around homophobia and how that impacts people, the book was very average otherwise.
The protagonist is an annoying 17 year old student in his final year of high school who comes across as an immature 12 year old literally the entire book. The only time I feel something for him is when they threw in the past of a family members death, and even that was pretty thin. His overall treatment of others and judgements he expresses of people, particularly his only friend makes him such an unlikeable character and I struggled to get in to it.
While the end was somewhat satisfying, I absolutely hate that there was no follow up with a characters sexual assault - what did she just get over it?!
This book is not comparable to 13 Reasons Why standard as suggested so don't get it if that appeals to you, as this is an over simplified, bland YA short novel that just doesn't have enough depth to warrant more then 3 stars.

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