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Bestselling erotica author Debbie Brownstone, the Baroness of Backdoor Bliss, presents five stories of barely legal babes keeping their virginity by offering up something else. Forget b******s to satisfy their men. Oh no! Each of these girls gives up their tiniest and tightest hole for the very first time. It’s a barely legal first anal sex extravaganza, and it’s scorching hot!

1. THE BABYSITTER'S STILL A VIRGIN, BUT HER ASS ISN'T! (A Barely Legal First Anal Sex Erotica Story)

I’d had a crush on Mr. Smith all summer, and now that I was about to go away for college, I knew I had to act. I wanted to stay a virgin, but I thought he would like my hand or my mouth. I offered myself to him, and he took me, but not at all in the way I expected. It started out just like I thought it would, with my mouth, but he sure as hell didn’t finish there. Instead, I was bent over and Mr. Smith gave me my very first anal sex experience!
2. WAKING UP TO ANAL SEX! (The Virgin College Girl’s First Sex Experience)

I thought it was a dream! There was a handsome man running his hands over my body, and it felt incredible. It was my very first time with a man, and I was upset when the alarm clock woke me up. That’s when I discovered I wasn’t really dreaming! There really was a man right there in bed with me, and I don’t know why I couldn’t resist him, but I couldn’t. I told him I was a virgin and I wanted to stay that way, and he didn’t mind. He just took my virgin ass instead! It was my first sexual experience ever, and it was first anal sex. What a way to be welcomed to college!

3. PAID TO GIVE UP MY ASS (A Virgin Girl’s First Anal Sex Erotica Story)

I needed money and I needed it bad. When some friends sent me to a man who helped girls with money problems, I had no idea he would want to sleep with me. I told him I was a virgin, and it looked like the deal was off. When I told him I was good with my mouth, though; I got a second chance. Mr. Arkham certainly respected my desire to remain a virgin, but let me tell you—it wasn’t only my mouth he was interested in. Instead I ended up bent over and he took my virgin ass! Who would have thought my first anal sex experience would come before I even lost my virginity?

4. ARTHUR TAKES THE VIRGIN’S ASS (A Barely Legal First Anal Sex Erotica Story)

I was excited when Arthur told me he wanted our relationship to be exclusive. I was overjoyed at the thought of being his girlfriend. I had to make one thing clear for him, though. Even though I would be his girlfriend, I was committed to remaining a virgin. That didn’t mean I’d leave him frustrated. I told him I’d give him my body, just not my virginity. After all, I knew what my hands and my mouth could do for him, and I wanted him happy. He respected my wishes, but not the way I thought he would! I told him he could have me in other ways, but I had no idea that would mean my tiny untouched ass!

5. ANAL PUNISHMENT FOR THE VIRGIN SCHOOLGIRL (A Very Rough First Anal Sex Erotica Story)

Alice cheats, and Professor Jones finds out. Now, she has a simple choice. She either gets expelled and moves back home after only six months at college or…she does anything the professor wants. Professor Jones wants Alice to dress in a skimpy, sexy outfit and show up at his house, and that has this barely legal schoolgirl worried. She’s a virgin and she wanted to stay a virgin. Faced with expulsion, though, she shows up. She’s about to discover there’s a hole Dr. Jones is far more interested in…her virgin backdoor!

Fiction & Literature
9 November
Naughty Daydreams Press
Smashwords, Inc.

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