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When Jules Verne wrote ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’ he envisioned a submarine more than a hundred years ahead of its time. Likewise the Infinity-1 is light years ahead of its time. When Conners Corporation told people what it was attempting to do, the industry and financiers laughed at them. The news media would not report on it for fear of being laughed at. But Conners did build their spaceship and now it is ready to go out on its maiden voyage. If they can prove the capabilities of the Infinity-1 it will have a major impact on the future.
The ship is under contract to discover an anomaly in space which is causing spaceships in the vicinity to disappear like planes and ships were reported to have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Some are willing to accept the stories of the disappearance of spaceship are a mysterious occurrence in space. Others believe there is skullduggery at hand. The crew of the Infinity-1 are expected to bring back proof of what is really happening.
During this voyage it is hoped the crew of the Infinity-1 will be able to demonstrate the unbelievable capabilities of this new technological marvel. If it can it will be able to save Conners from going bankrupt. But there are others who do not want to see the Infinity-1 succeed at any cost and will do whatever is necessary to either destroy the spaceship or capture it to steal this vast storehouse of technology.
The Garr family has applied every disreputable tactic of the early twentieth century industrial moguls to create the largest and most profitable spaceship manufacturing company in the universe. They are well aware of the capabilities of the Infinity-1 and will stop at nothing to retains its dominance of the industry.
During the voyage people will witness the fantastic capabilities of the Infinity-1. The exploits of the crew will shock observers. They will be dumbfounded to explain what they have witnesses. A crew member of a Constellation starship will even refuse to enter what he has witnessed into the ship’s log for fear of being court-martialed for entering falsified data; it was impossible. What the crew agrees they saw just could not have happened.
Technological wonders, romance, comedy and adventure will hold you spellbound.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 22
Jeffery Chandler
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