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Australia is a country committed to lifestyle and recreation. We have a great record of innovation, but much of it is commercialised overseas.

We need a vision for our future. Can business leaders can play a bigger role? Business is the major platform for wealth creation (and therefore prosperity) in Australia. But based on global indices, our performance is average.  What can we do to improve it?

In Innovation in Australia: Creating Prosperity for Future Generations, Ben Kehoe discusses how Australian businesses can improve their rates of collaboration, commercialising our innovative Australian ideas here, rather than shipping them offshore, and how this can increase the prosperity of our nation.

Business & Personal Finance
5 December
Ben Kehoe

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WHHerb ,

Innovation in Australia

This book is a compelling read for business, government, or anyone interested in innovation and business prosperity. The author has developed his insight from his own experience working as a
business facilitator for CEOs and senior managers of companies over a long period, and has done the research to back up his views. His contention that much of the poor record on innovation in Australia stems from our relative prosperity, a business culture focussed on leisure and lifestyle rather than driving business beyond the norm, and the lack of effective government support ring true. This prosperity cannot last or improve if we don’t foster a culture of innovation as a nation. It’s not just a tale of gloom, as the author proposes a number of steps towards a better future. His ideas on a Prosperity Commission as worth considering, and his ideas of what he calls Moon Shots or big picture projects, can create a new vision for prosperity of the nation. It’s a great read and it’s got me thinking differently about about our future as a nation.

Ian White,
Retired CEO