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Yes, to start with, a medical condition whereby the capability of the body cells to effectively and efficiently take away as well as process glucose from the bloodstream is impaired is referred to as Insulin resistance. 

As a matter of fact, this condition is so serious because, blood sugar or glucose is an essential energy source needed by all body cells, organs, as well as the entire body system to maintain their regular functions.

However, the inability of the cells to make use of glucose in the blood leads to excess levels of sugar in the blood, which ends up affecting one’s metabolism, as well as considerably subjecting one to developing diabetes especially, type 2 diabetes.
Insulin Resistance: How Does this Happen?

This happens exactly as how leptin resistance does! Yes, insulin resistance happens when a required substance is available in the body system, but cannot be used by the body cells. 
Particularly, the cells and muscles of the body do not seem to recognize or react to the presence of insulin, which results in the reduction of the quantities of glucose being supplied to the cells. 

Now, the truth is however, that the importance of insulin cannot be over emphasized; it is a hormone that is manufactured in the pancreas, which is responsible for energy production as well as the regulation of glucose in the body system. 

This is why the body system responds drastically to any reduction in glucose supplied to the cells by demanding for more glucose through some sensors anytime there is glucose shortage in the body system. 

Yes, so far as the pancreas can manufacture an adequate amount of insulin, which can meet the demand for increased quantities of glucose, the body system seems to function perfectly with the glucose levels maintaining healthy levels. 

However, if the need for glucose exceeds the capability of the body system to manufacture insulin, the levels of blood glucose will increase and this will in turn increase all the health risks linked with this medical condition.

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