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International Trade, Distribution and Development brings together a collection of papers that have sought to assess empirically the impacts of policy measures affecting trade. The carefully selected papers analyze the impact of trade barriers and their removal, with a focus on distributional consequences and economic development. Grounded in rigorous empirical analysis, this book covers a range of policy issues such as impacts of trade on wages, non-tariff barriers, trade preferences, export survival and carbon labelling. An invaluable reference for readers seeking to understand the impact of trade policies, the book also seeks to shed light on future research, especially for research on developing countries.Contents: Introduction and Overview (Paul Brenton) Modelling the Impacts of Trade Barriers and FDI Flows: Quantifying the Economic Effects of Non-Tariff Barriers: The Case of UK Footwear (Alan Winters and Paul Brenton) Voluntary Export Restraints and Rationing: U.K. Leather Footwear Imports from Eastern Europe (Paul Brenton and Alan Winters) Anti-Dumping Policies in the EU and Trade Diversion (Paul Brenton) The Potential Trade Effects of an FTA Between the EU and Russia (Paul Brenton, Natalia Tourdyeva, and John Whalley) Technical Barriers to Trade in the European Union: Importance for Accession Countries (Paul Brenton, John Sheehy, and Marc Vancauteren) Economic Integration and FDI: An Empirical Analysis of Foreign Investment in the EU and in Central and Eastern Europe (Paul Brenton, Francesca Di Mauro, and Matthias Lücke) Assessing the Adjustment Implications of Trade Policy Changes Using the Tariff Reform Impact Simulation Tool (TRIST) (Paul Brenton, Christian Saborowski, Cornelia Staritz, and Erik von Uexkull) Trade, Wages and Adjustment: Outsourcing and Low-Skilled Workers in the UK (Robert Anderton and Paul Brenton) What's Trade Got to Do with It? Relative Demand for Skills Within Swedish Manufacturing (Robert Anderton, Paul Brenton, and Eva Oscarsson) Trends in Disaggregated Import and Export Prices in Europe: Implications for the Trade and Wages Debate (Paul Brenton and Anna Maria Pinna) Adjustment to Globalisation: A Study of the Footwear Industry in Europe (Paul Brenton, Anna Maria Pinna, and Marc Vancauteren) Trade and Development: Integrating the Least Developed Countries into the World Trading System: The Current Impact of EU Preferences Under ‘Everything But Arms’ (Paul Brenton) Making EU Trade Agreements Work: The Role of Rules of Origin (Paul Brenton and Miriam Manchin) Watching More than the Discovery Channel to Diversify Exports (Paul Brenton and Richard Newfarmer) The Life and Death of Trade Flows: Understanding the Survival Rates of Developing Country Exporters (Paul Brenton, Martha Denisse Pierola, and Erik von Uexkull) What Explains the Low Survival Rate of Developing Country Export Flows? (Paul Brenton, Christian Saborowski, and Erik von Uexkull) Product Specific Technical Assistance for Exports — Has It Been Effective? (Paul Brenton and Erik von Uexkull) Carbon Labelling and Low-Income Country Exports: Review of the Development Issues (Paul Brenton, Gareth Edwards-Jones, and Michael Friis Jensen) Readership: Postgraduates, researchers, academics, and policymakers interested in international economics, developmental economics and globalization. Key Features: Covers a range of policy issues including the impacts of trade on wages, non-tariff barriers, economic development and carbon labelling Explores the impact of trade policies grounded in rigorous empirical analysis

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